A sunny november Sunday in Paris

Posted 22 November 11

My Sunday in Paris… cannot miss a promenade on la rive gauce!

Since almost all the shops are closed on Sunday here is what I planned for the hours I had before leaving to the airport!

When you are there do not forget to check out Ralph Lauren’s beautiful building, there is also a restaurant inside, can be an ideal option for a Sunday “shopping” brunch!

(Ralph’s: 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 6ͤ)

My favourite chocolatier:


(108 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 6ͤ - there are other four locations in the city but this is the only one open on Sundays)

The beautiful shade of green of the box and shopping bag shines like a piece of jewelery.

Everytime you are surprised by new amazing chocolate “art-pieces” displayed in the window, this time the masterpiece was a oversize gorilla on the people passing by.

Some of my best flavours are:

Amazon – caramel and lime, Zanzibar – thyme and lemon, Instinct – roasted almonds, Beijing – ginger root,…… Yummy!!

A little heaven corner for tea lovers:


The endless selection, the nice packaging and the good quality make it one great stop every time I’m in the city of lights, you can find MF products also in other cities and in special boutiques, but going in the Parisian boutique is always the best experience.

Once inside you feel like going back in history and you feel like an ancient merchant travelling around the world to discover new flavors, seduced by the air filled with the mix of aromas.

This is just a paradise for a tea lover like me!

There are few locations in Paris, my favorite one is:

13 rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris 6ͤ

For the Sunday lunch this time I chose:


Little restaurant in the 7eme, few high tables and a long marble counter, where I prefer to sit.

The main theme is obviously the “cocotte”; almost everything on the menu is cooked and served in them. So cute and delicious!

The charming atmosphere and cozy food were really up to the expectations!

The creator is Christian Constant, former executive chef at the Hotel Crillon’s Les Ambassadeurs, he now owns three restaurants that can all prepare a dinner to take away with just an hours’ notice.

135, rue Saint-Dominique, 7e - (open for lunch and dinner every day)


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