Wine of the Month: Pietra Nera

Posted 18 August 13

Marco De Bartoli has been a revolutionary in the world of Sicilian wines. In 1978, with a degree in agronomy and a passion for racing cars, he replaced his mother Josephine in the conduct of the beam Samperi, the estate where for two centuries she had cultivated grapes for the production of Marsala. The company was in decline and the Marsala wine no longer in great demand so Marco decided to stake everything on high quality and to change its method of production.. Marco himself carried around Italy, on board of his vintage sports cars, his blend Vecchio Samperi, that charmed and conquered, getting recognized as the non plus ultra of Marsala. He then bought on the island of Pantelleria a 1700 damuso and five hectares of vineyards in an area called Bukkuram, from where the Zibibbo grapes of Pietra Nera are from.

Tenacity, skills and love have always been the ingredients for the vinery success, and still today carried on by the two sons Sebastiano and Renato and the daughter Josephine.

Symbol of the lavic nature of the island of
Pantelleria, this is a wine in contrast to the typical production of Moscato di Pantelleria, a great demonstration of the revolutionary potential of the Zibibbo grapes.

Harvested at the beginning of September, after been choosen manually the grapes are destemmed and left in a cold maceration for 24 hours, to enhance the aromatic prerogratives inherent in the grape. The result is a dry wine with a complex aromatic intensity, perfect as an aperitif or with seafood and raw fish. 




Contrada Fornaia Samperi 292 -  Marsala (TP)  +39 0923 962093

Contrada Bukkuram 9 - Pantelleria (TP)
+39 0923 918344