Hi Marie, Do you have bourbon or brandy? Nutritional Information French Apple Cake (or … Made it and it came out perfectly. We finished the whole cake right after it came out from the oven. To keep it consistent, I always use the spoon and level method. Hi Alaina, you can use spiced rum, light rum, apple juice, or apple cider. Thank you so much. Love your recipes and aesthetic website! I’ve made it about 5 times in the last 2 weeks. If you used a 9-inch or bigger pan, the cake will be flatter (although just as delicious in my opinion). Can I use rum flavor instead of actual rum? This cake is delicious ! Sent the recipe to my daughter and she made it the same day. Many thanks for sharing , Glad you liked it (and, yes, it freezes nicely)! This cake is so easy so simple so presentable it looks like something in the bakery that you would buy and it taste just as good easy fast and it looks like you took hours to make this A+ plus recipe. Glad you liked it! By quick I am referring to the mixing portion. Wonderful recipe. Can this be made in an 8″ springform pan? I am about to make this to take to a Rosh Hashanah celebration. Hopefully my next cake using a modified version of this recipe will turn out great. Kay (or anyone else who has used a bundt pan), How long is the baking time for a basic bundt pan? This cake requires 2 large apples (or 3 small) and you can opt for just one variety or a mix to create a contrast of texture and flavor. Or can I just void the egg all together? This has become my favorite cake! just wondering, is their a substitute for dark rum? Maybe 1 1/2 cups? It is definitely a keeper. You provide us with phenomenal recipes that make us shine and make everyone happy, we try to return the love to you by coming back for more! What a light, elegant, lovely cake. I was looking for an apple based dessert recipe after our neighbour gave us a bag-full of apples from his tree. salt per stick, so you can use the salted butter and reduce the salt in the recipe as needed. is so, so delicious. I considered shredding the apples but thought maybe that would be a little soggy. I did not want to use rum and found out too late that I was out of apple juice or cider. I definitely recommend this recipe to anyone. I made this cake this evening and it was fantastic!! Thanks for the recipe. They have asked me to make it again…..love it when that happens! I tried turbinado sugar on top, but it caused some craters. My husband and I both agree it tasted like a dessert that one would find at a patisserie in France. I made this cake last night. Trés bon! Hi Michelle, the Galas will be fine and you can replace the rum with apple juice or apple cider. I loved it. I just added 3 tbsp flour., I’ve made this twice; both times perfect! Thank you. Thank you, Janet – so glad you are enjoying them! Just tried out this recipe and loved it. I did not mess with the recipe, did not substitute anything, add anything, or succumb to any personal inspirations – so I am reviewing the actual recipe. Thank you. Just baked the cake! I suspect this is because I used a rather old bottle! We had a bunch of apples that needed to be eaten and I wish I made 2 of these cakes. Hi Jen – Can you use regular, clear rum? We have an orchard full of cider/eating apples and a little tired of the same old desserts. Hi Hema, you can substitute 1 teaspoon rum extract plus 2-1/2 tablespoons apple juice. Baking is not my thing – Thank you for a wonderful recipe – that I could not fail! I baked it for 35 minutes and used honeycrisp apples. can I make it with spiced rum as that is all I have? Is it 3 1/2-4 cups or 2 apples? Super easy and super good. Got some local apples and will definitely be making this tomorrow! The rum really adds depth of flavor. This recipe is going into my permanent collection. Your reply would be greatly appreciated! This has become one of my husband’s favorite desserts. I have to start by saying that I do quite a bit of baking. Hi Jenn, I would suggest using apple juice or apple cider instead of the rum. Could I use canned pears? Thank you for sharing this recipe. This is the most delicious apple cake recipe I have ever made. I am so glad to have found this one. It has proven to be so popular in my house that I have made it three times in the last four weeks. Having the correct amount of flour makes a huge difference to your results. Thanks so much for a wonderfully simple and delicious recipe! This cake is delicious! Hi Stephanie, Unfortunately, that won’t work but the cake keeps well if you want to make it a day ahead of time. Baked in 9 inch glass pie pan and worked great. Hi Jen this cake looks lovely – but I am a little confused by the metric conversion. Really helps us novice bakers. Alternatively, at the very top of the page, under the recipe name, you’ll see an orange/red button that says Jump to Recipe – if you click on that, it will take you directly to the recipe. I don’t get to bake much, but somehow find time to EAT baked goods quite a lot! I also have a strawberry cake that you may want to take a peek at. After enjoying your chai spiced banana bread and this recipe, I feel there’s hope for me. Thanks . My husband and I made this tonight for a special treat and it exceeded our expectations! Perfecto. Love your recipes Jenn. that’s where I head. So, so, good! Please. I tried it and it was great! I sometimes use Strohrum to give a cake a bit more rum and vanilla taste. Can this be made the day before? Would it affect the baking time end temperature? . Really sad this didn’t turn out for me. I am making one for the Pioneers of Alaska bake sale, I’m pretty excited. I baked the cake yesterday. Have been making this for the past year, but failed to review it… in the oven now and the house smells so good. This was perfect. I loved making this. Hope that helps! Depending on your oven, I baked it over an hour when I added the cream. How far ahead can I put this on? I actually served it cold with some berries on the side. First time making this cake and not only is it the best apple dessert I have ever tasted but looks so beautiful especially with the icing sugar. Since I really like the look of so many of your recipes I wanted to get an idea of your most used ingredient cup in relation to metric quantities. Hope you enjoy! I’m making another one by request today. I used spring form and the presentation was spot on. If not, you could get away with a 9 x 13-inch pan. This should be baked at 350°F/175°C. I used gluten free all purpose flour and it came out delicious. Because 2 apples gave me about two cups. Thanks. Love this cake…moist, flavourful, with just the right amount of rum to send it over the top! Thank you for sharing your talent with through your newsletter! Replaced the rum with milk (sorry, France!)