Mr. You may submit Fanart once a week (7 days). But he would have done it eventually yes, [–]MrBamHam 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). Goku Dies! Vegeta quickly claims he'll put the Granny's Secret Sauce on it, and Whis accepts. Fused Zamasu crushes Vegito's Spirit Sword and begins to power up even further, bulking up and growing larger in size and in hate. Goku Black is fascinated at Goku's power-up, while a furious Goku fights both Future Zamasu and Goku Black and puts them on the defensive. Recently received my new favorite Goku figure! Direct upload only. Bulma, frustrated, tries to hit Goku but Goku instinctively dodges it. Krillin is inspired by their words and agrees to spar with Goku, wanting to become stronger himself. >!spoiler!<. Goku Black notices the time machine flying off, and tries to blast it, but Future Trunks counters the blast with one of his own. Thanks to Lean for helping me out with this. Champa and Vados depart afterwards as Goku's friends arrive. Vegito points out to Fused Zamasu that he is no longer immortal as he is permanently fused with a mortal, a mortal named "Son Goku". Gohan and Goten are confused as Goku usually never dodges Bulma's punches. Several characters, such as Goku, Krillin and Bulma, remark how much Trunks resembles Vegeta. Using this ability, Black has grown strong enough to gain his version of the Super Saiyan Blue form: Super Saiyan Rosé. Nah, Super Trunks has the all-powerful armor of marketability surrounding him. Mr. Satan, wanting to put his name out there even more, offers to play with Arale, but she playfully but forcefully pushes Mr. Satan into the wall. At the police station, Krillin is confronted by Chi-Chi and Gohan, with the former constantly asking Krillin if he knew where Goku was, but Krillin replied that he did not, thinking to himself if he is still dealing with Goku Black. This Time, a Baseball Game! Future Zamasu exclaims that Goku is his prey, but Goku Black says that his body has a strong desire to kill Goku that he cannot go against. Pan is cured and she happily flies in the air. I don't know why they didn't just keep Future Trunks in the current timeline. He then asks Gowasu about the Super Dragon Balls shown on the screen, and Gowasu tells him about collecting them and getting any wish granted. Future Zamasu laughs at the attack, saying that Goku's "mortal" mind is intellectually lacking enough to where he attacks Future Zamasu knowing he is immortal. When Pilaf and Shu jokingly act like Mai confessing her love for Future Trunks, Mai angrily yells at them to leave. Arale and the Gatchans then begin playing, causing havoc and destroying the whole building. The point when Zeno would have erased the universes would have been not long after Gohan's death. Shu appears and gives Bulma a status update about the time machine, and she explains to a confused Chi-Chi that the time machine is her newest product. Krillin then uses the Destructo Disc, and cuts one fake Nappa in half, but the illusions grow even more. As Pilaf and the gang are wondering if Bulma and Vegeta are involved in a scandal, Bulma yells at them to be quiet. Future Trunks, having obtained a new power due to succumbing to his intense rage, prepares to do battle with Goku Black. Although Trunks has the tanktop underneath his jacket throughout the entirety of the Cell arc, he never actually takes the jacket off. Protect The Supreme Kai Gowasu Destroy Zamasu! Krillin kicks aside the fake Nappa, and as the fake Tambourine prepares to attack him, Krillin has a flashback of Tambourine killing him. The two are then confronted by an illusion of Bulma. [–]biomech36 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). Master Roshi says he'd be a boring opponent for Goku, who has gained power of the Gods. Finished up a Christmas present I've been working on for my son. Back on Earth, Piccolo notices Gohan's concern for Goku, asking what's wrong and to not keep secrets from him. Beerus tells Goku to hurry and finish the fight, and begins powering up and Hit teleports himself to his separate space, but Goku's energy begins cracking Hit's space, much to his, Champa and Vados' shock. Baba then broadcasts the events in the forest through her Crystal Ball, and Android 18 shows up with Marron. However, it takes convincing by Gowasu and Shin in order for Vegeta to agree to fuse. [–]PomTron 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (0 children), Future Zeno is Goten potara fused with Ginyu (Capten Gonyu) confirmed, [–]TheJoker1432 5 points6 points7 points 3 years ago (0 children), [–]Ryuubu 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (0 children), The scale of time for gods is probably longer than mortaks though, [–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). Versus debates. Supreme Kai and Gowasu also appear, and Goku and Vegeta hand Supreme Kai back his Potara earrings, but the group is interrupted by a giant cloud of smoke shrouding the sky. In the manga, Goku Black reveals his own standard Super Saiyan form (having sparks similar to a Super Saiyan 2), and says he cannot become Super Saiyan Blue even though he possesses the body of Goku from a future timeline. Featured: Dynasty Warriors 8 Football (Soccer) Music Movies Pokémon Trading AC:NH PokéLounge Computer Hardware PC Games and Steam 3DS and 2DS PlayStation 4 Red Dead … Goku is surprised to see the fake Vegeta catch his punch and knock him aside, as if he's completely solid.       can view them in more detail here. The "Future" Trunks Saga retcons the reason why Goku and Vegeta defused from Vegito during the Fusion Saga, despite the Potara fusion being permanent. Goku suggests that they go back and help, but Beerus and Whis dismisses him, saying that they will not until they find some physical evidence. At Goku's house, Goten is sleeping but he woken up by Trunks knocking on his window. In the manga, Future Zamasu saves Black from being killed by Vegeta. Conquer the Terrifying Foes! Not necessarily, there's only one God of All in his universe; which means he won't have someone to just blindly agree with to do horrible stuff. Once arriving, two kids ask her where Future Trunks is, and Future Mai says he went somewhere far away but will return. Goku begins to eat like he usually does again, and when he's alone, Gohan and Goten approach him and ask him what's wrong. [–]attosama 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). I made the right correction in the wrong spot. Besides Trunks, Shu, Pilaf, Mai, and Bulma none of the Z-Fighters show up in this Chapter. Bulma asks Mai to get her something from Laboratory 2, and Trunks offers to lead her there. For OC, link all references used in the comments. Krillin and Piccolo wonder if something bad happened in the future again, and they fly to Capsule Corporation. He then crushes the blade with his hand and pulls the blade out, revealing a large, scythe-like variation of the blade. It is revealed by Bulma that through Future Trunks' time machine, the time gap between Future Trunks' world and the Main Timeline is fixed, meaning that for every second that passes in one world, the same amount will pass for the other world. Goku senses Hit approaching and quietly flies away, not wanting anyone to get in the way of his fight. Whis made another universe before Zamasu became black. Then again this is Dragonball and there's no continuity between time traveling and alternate timelines so... [–]RatcicleKing 11 points12 points13 points 3 years ago (2 children). Chi-Chi asks Goku if he was all right and says that Piccolo told her everything, and asks Goku who hired Hit to kill him. With that noted, Infinite Zamasu's physical body is not dead in the manga, instead it is Fused Zamasu's evolved state. In the anime, Goku goes with Beerus, Whis and Shin (after the initial fight with Black) to Universe 10 to confront Zamasu. Piccolo claims that Goku probably launched that attack before collapsing in order to revive himself, and Goku states he actually saw King Yenma for a brief moment. As the others praise Yamcha, Vegeta is next and claims he figured baseball out. 2 Future Saga/Time Travelers 3 Kamehameha can do literally anything First of all he is the key to throw in some of the best units into one team, while providing both ATK and DEF a boost of 170%. He has blue eyes, and hair colored either lavender, purple or blue depending on the media, that is soft and straight that parts from the top of his head to frame both sides of his face reaching his ears with two loose strands over his forehead; traits he inherited from his mother. Round Two: Composite Wonder Woman vs DBS Trunks. When Future Trunks does not move, Trunks agrees to make the first move and punches Future Trunks in the face, knocking him down. Future Trunks thanks Beerus for his actions and for giving him hope, and also asks Vegeta to accompany him to the future. They apologize to Goku for mistaking him for Goku Black, and also slyly comment on Vegeta's mean face. Different Time Line, different circumstances, etc.... it’s impossible to predict what will happen. Yeah there is. The timelines are completely different. No WIPs. Sure, but that universe was erased, wasn't it? Future Mai meets with the others and thanks Future Yajirobe for saving Goku and Future Trunks, then Future Trunks thanks her for saving Vegeta. In the anime there were still groups of resistance soldiers and orphans still alive. Krillin frantically dodges his attack and runs, but as the fake Frieza charges at him, he has a flashback of Frieza killing him. You could simply take the crit, but not sure why you would. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! Goku prepares to go back to finding the herb, but a completely frightened Krillin gives up and wants to leave, saying he can't call this fun like Goku can. Memes. Trunks does not turn into Super Saiyan Anger to hold off Black. They both are surprised and afraid of what Goku has become, and Zamasu (with Goku's body) appears and kills Goku (with Zamasu's body). Vegeta agrees, but also tells Future Trunks that if the future really is peaceful now, he should never return to the past again. Future Trunks tells Mai that he will tell Future Mai hello for her, and tells her to take care of his present counterpart. Zamasu, bringing Gowasu's tea, politely welcomes the Universe 7 group while wondering to himself why they are here. Future Trunks ... are dead even in SSB. Future Zamasu shows worry that Future Zeno will find out about their plans, a discussion never seen in the anime before. 1 No need for Zeno if you run this team. Whis tells the others about the Time Ring Goku Black was wearing, revealing that only a Supreme Kai is allowed to have those. [–]Lazyback 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children). The mailman nervously hands Goku his mail as the Saiyan apologetically says hello. There was no reason why Future Trunks and Future Mai had to leave the present time line, all their friends and family are alive in the present. Gohan asks to use a wish to cure Pan, who is suffering from a fever and none of the hospital medicine is working due to her Saiyan blood. 91% Upvoted. Whis jokingly says Zamasu's killing intent is about as pungent as one of Beerus' farts, prompting the God of Destruction to berate him. Back on Beerus' planet, Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and Whis are eating cups of ramen as they discuss the Omni-King. Forum Posts. Followers. It was Goku's idea to hold a fighting tournament and Zeno decided to let the winners universe survive. At Korin Tower, Korin and Yajirobe play limbo, as Goku arrives and grabs the pot full of Senzu Beans. Yamcha wants to pitch next, while Botamo says he'll knock it to pieces. Goku introduces the two to each other, fulfilling his promise of bringing Zeno a friend. When Chi-Chi panicks and tries to run away with Goten, Zamasu kills them, as well. Vegeta quickly tells Goku to use Instant Transmission himself. Bulma says that it is no laughing matter if nothing in the future changed. Future Trunks realizes that since the two are standing side-by-side, Goku Black and Zamasu are not actually the same person, and wonders just who Goku Black is. save. Mortal years and god years work differently. Goku, Vegeta, Gowasu and Supreme Kai immediately recognize what they are doing: the Potara fusion. While Zamasu is pouring tea for Gowasu, he says he will never forget Son Goku. Chi-Chi and Goten appear, telling Krillin and Piccolo that Future Trunks' time machine has appeared. Bulma and Future Trunks in Bulma's portable garage wonder what's going on. I don't think so. With the death of the corrupt God, the alternate timeline is now at peace once again. Black and Zamasu are defused, but his immortality tries to regenerate into Fused Zamasu, resulting in Fused Zamasu transforming into an amalgam between the fusees. Unless people being alive was lowering it, which who knows. Goku charges a Kamehameha, Vegeta charges a Final Flash, and Future Trunks charges a Galick Gun, and the three Saiyans combine their attacks and fire them at the sky, but their attacks are easily nullified. In the manga, Vegito easily dominates Fused Zamasu, while in the anime, they are more or less evenly matched. Shenron is told to stay a little longer by Bulma, regardless of his body fading away. Vados explains that Hit could store the time he'd skipped, and with that stored time, Hit could create a separate space, a parallel world, and could move freely to and from there, and states that was the reason he could be seen, but not touched. Vegeta tells him that he has Future Mai and the world to look after, and if anything happens to him and Goku, he and Future Mai can return to the past. Bulma does not travel to the future with the Saiyans. Trunks goes back to an identical timeline at the end of the arc, so it would have it's own Zeno. The pair are knocked into a building, and Future Trunks attacks them with a barrage of ki blasts. She asks Goten and Trunks what their wish is, but they have no idea, and Bulma tells them to think about a wish first. Goku meeting Zeno and Future Zeno is all because of Goku. Goku Black and Future Zamasu soon find out that Goku and Future Trunks escaped in the confusion, and they decide to finish off Vegeta. Spoilers On Beerus' planet, Vegeta is training with Whis and Beerus notes that Goku is not there, wondering why he has skipped on training recently. Vegeta tells Goku Black to emerge, knowing he's not one to be defeated by that kind of attack while calling him a "miserable thief". The two then proceed to fight an intense battle, creating havoc and destruction in the surrounding area. Goku presses the button and Future Zeno instantly appears in front of them. Krillin and Piccolo arrive, asking if they defeated Goku Black yet. I think it's more that he was warned how dangerous Zeno was but did it anyway to selfishly have a good fight, Goku didn't know the tournament gave the universes a chance, that wasn't his intention. The History of Trunks [edit | edit source] Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. While they are leaving, Trunks flies after him and yells at the top of his lungs to win. Meanwhile, when pouring tea for Gowasu, Zamasu strikes up a conversation with him about humans. Future Master Roshi's past is exactly the same as his main timeline counterpart's prior to August of Age 764. None of the events in the manga occur in the anime, except for the occurrence of Fused Zamasu's Grotesque form being due to catastrophic mutations, Fused Zamasu being sliced in half by Future Trunks, and the birth of Infinite Zamasu. Round One: New 52 Wonder Woman vs Android Saga DBZ Trunks. Goku realizes the two are allies, but Future Zamasu corrects him saying they are kindred spirits. Trunks and Mai do not use the sewer to travel to Capsule Corp in the anime instead just making their way through the streets. Krillin then has his head shaved bald by 18, and Marron says he looks cool. Bulma asks Goku if he has any Senzu Beans, and Goku says he does not. In the anime, Goku Black had already met Goku and Vegeta upon traveling to the past. The Explosive Birth of a Merged Zamasu! when beerus hakai'd zamasu he created an alternate timeline. Unless he forgets of course. Master and Pupil Reunited! Goku attempts to kill Fused Zamasu with Destruction, but is forced to stop due to Zamasu using Future Mai as a human shield. Later, on Zuno's planet, Zamasu appears, after knocking back Zuno's attendant, demanding to know from him everything he knows about the Super Dragon Balls. Future Zamasu destroys Goku's bag of Senzu Beans. He and Goku both use this form to fight against Black and Future Zamasu, switching between it to Super Saiyan Blue in short bursts for attacking and defending, before shifting back to God form to eliminate Blue form's immense stamina drain drawback. During their match in the manga Goku sneakily uses the Super Saiyan God form to defeat him in one blow. In the anime, Future Zamasu shows up interrupting Black from killing the Saiyans. She talks Master Roshi out of wishing by paying some girls 10 million Zeni to drive away with him. Everyone around the world watching does so, and when Reality Machine #2 gets everyone's images, he creates a small, brown orb which consists of the food everyone thought of. Goku uses the Evil Containment Wave, whereas in the anime Future Trunks is the one who uses it as he was forced to learn it by watching a video Bulma recorded of Piccolo demonstrating the technique. Diana thinks he is an intruder so she grabs her sword and shield and they enter a deadly duel. Future Trunks and Mai are transported to the Sacred World of the Kais to hide from Black, while they never visited it in the anime. The Preposterous Great Saiyaman Film Adaptation?! When they arrive, Krillin asks Master Roshi to retrain him, giving him a lady magazine as an incentive. Future Trunks says he hopes the future is now safe. Arale points out that she is a robot, and casually punches the ground, splitting the Earth in half. However, when asked by Goku how he could kill Zamasu, Beerus tells him, "Don't underestimate a God of Destruction.". Beerus eats the orb, and is incredibly overjoyed by its taste. In the manga Zamasu fights against Kibito. Future Zamasu uses his supernatural abilities as a Supreme Kai, such as Telekinesis and magic, to fight Goku. 1 In-Game Data 2 Combos 3 Usage Tips 4 See Also Trunks (Future) Trunks (GT) Trunks … Future Trunks begs Whis, thinking he is a god, however he points to Beerus. In the manga, Future Zamasu heals Black's injuries. Future Trunks checks on Future Mai, who saved herself by hanging onto a loose pipe, and shows her that he successfully fixed the urn. Vegeta is about to silence Bulma as Chi-Chi calls for her (Gohan flying and carrying her). Trunks yells at Future Trunks to stand up, since he "is supposed to be a Saiyan" while Future Trunks glares at him. He also explained that he grew up in a world where Goku died from a heart virus and Vegeta was killed by the Androids, but Trunks grew up in a world where they are both alive because Future Trunks traveled back in time and prevented their deaths. Quizzes/polls/petitions. Back on Earth, Future Trunks and Trunks have been fighting, and Future Trunks realizes what Trunks is trying to teach him: win, no matter who the enemy is. They both agree that the time is ripe, and Future Zamasu puts his earring on his other ear. Goku picks him up and they return to the present, and a frazzled Beerus along with the other Gods bow for him. Piracy. Goku realizes something and powers back down to base, beginning to meditate. Includes a version where only Color 12 is replaced with DBS and other Colors are still Z Trunks. I'd Like to See Goku, You See A Summons From Grand Zeno! She points it at Reality Machine #2, and tells everyone to imagine the most delicious food they can think of. Beerus prepares to attack Arale with an energy beam, but before he does so, his stomach begins convulsing due to what he ate, and he and Whis instantly go back home. Goku tries to prevent Black and Future Zamasu from fusing, whereas in the anime both he and Vegeta expected them to fuse and prepared for the worst. He tells Chi-Chi that he senses three cockroaches behind the fridge. Uncover Black's Identity! While they were walking back to the celestial tree, Gowasu asks Zamasu if he has cleared the distrust of mortals in his heart, but Zamasu says that he is ashamed at his inadequacy. Bulma takes them to a crab house and they have fun with the lobster instead of eating it. The illusions then mysteriously disappear, and Goku says he was right. Redux Awaken in the Present, Trunks. Goku kicks Dabura aside and tells Krillin he has to fight, too. Vegeta is revealed to have the standard Super Saiyan God form. The two deliver the paradise plant to Master Roshi, and Krillin realizes 18 and Marron were watching him, and 18 is proud of her husband. Goku shows up and wants to spar with Krillin, and Krillin accepts this, happily saying that going Super Saiyan is banned. "DBZTubers". Shin did a similar technique when testing the Z Sword. [–]eataSoftDicc 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (7 children). Goku, Bulma, and the gang prepare to head to the future in the other time machine. In the anime he forgot the talisman and did not bring anything in its place. The manga explanation is Gohan (oblivious to the Zamasu events) asks how he is doing in the future and wishes to one day visit the Earth he is protecting. Gohan and "Future" Trunks!" maybe. Future Trunks learns that Beerus is the God of Destruction, but says that Whis looks more like a god, which frustrates Beerus. At Capsule Corporation, Bulma is re-fueling the time machine, preparing for the next trip to the alternate timeline, hoping that Future Trunks, who stayed behind to fight, is safe. Krillin wonders why Master Roshi is making him fight these enemies, watching as they transform from Frieza to Tambourine to Cell to Nappa. Bulma is currently working on repairing the time machine. Future Trunks walks out with the Pilaf Gang and Trunks, informing them that Future Mai was still alive. In the present timeline, Trunks is laying down as he sees the time machine appear, and the beaten and unconscious Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks fall out. In the anime, Vegeta immediately goes Super Saiyan Blue. Hope!! Gowasu speculates that Zamasu is attempting to become the universe itself, having cast off his physical form of a God in order to become order and justice. In the manga, Fused Zamasu's regenerative powers are full intact, able to heal anything instantly and perfectly, whereas in the anime his regeneration was impaired, taking noticeably longer and also leaving him mis-shaped. Goku and Future Trunks return to the future, noticing it is just an empty, blank void, but they notice Future Zeno hovering. Goku still wants to return, but Vegeta asks him how can he defeat enemies who cannot take damage. Vegeta walks away, uninterested in Zamasu as of now. The manga showed that the only thing that made Zen'O decide on destroying the universes was a chat with Future Zen'O. Also watching, Zamasu watches Goku transform into a Super Saiyan Blue, and wonders to himself how Goku, a "mere human", is able to clad himself in godly ki. Goku fakes not knowing who hired Hit, and Chi-Chi assumes it was Frost and Goku quietly tells Vegeta to not tell anyone that Goku hired him. Oh yeah. As Champa claims than an assassin shouldn't be enjoying fighting their targets, Vados claims that at that very moment, Hit wasn't an assassin, but merely a Martial Artist, and Hit states that he still could attack despite his body being somewhere else. [–][deleted] 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (0 children). While Future Mai offers to help, Future Trunks decides to go back and help Goku and Vegeta. Everyone reunites, and Vegeta tells Bulma to leave this to them. Vegeta says that even if he doesn't know what they'll do, they cannot forgive Zamasu. I don't remember this part at all. SOS from the Future: A Dark New Enemy Appears! Goku wonders if it was the Afterimage Technique, but quickly learns it wasn't the case. Super has basically confirmed a world where there aren't two or more Zen'O in the same timeline then the Tournament Of Power and erasure do not occur anytime soon. Goku thinks to himself that things feel different compared to when he fought Zamasu in the present timeline. With Future Trunks, Goku, Vegeta and Bulma in the time machine, they are all cramped as they leave in it. In the anime, Zeno himself is the one who sends the message that he wants to see Goku, and when it is received, Beerus and Whis are alone in their planet instead of Capsule Corporation with everyone else. Zamasu thinks to himself for a bit then calmly accepts Goku's challenge, claiming he was also unsatisfied with how long their last match ended. Although going by the Manga is seems pretty clear that Zeno was planning to delete the universes relatively soon. Goku asks for Beerus to let this slide, and Beerus says he will if he is fed something that he has never eaten before. Buying or selling. The Miraculous Power of Unyielding Warriors, With New Hope in His Heart - Farewell, Trunks. Gowasu decides to go see Black and Future Zamasu by himself, instead of with Shin in the anime. Whis has an idea that he knows Black's true identity and reveals that Zamasu is Kai who is a fighting genius and the apprentice to the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. report. In the manga, Gowasu states that Fused Zamasu's fusion will only last an hour due to neither Goku Black nor Future Zamasu being official Supreme Kais (as they were technically both still of Kai rank and had unofficially usurped the position after killing the other Supreme Kais). About gods and mortals, and rushes to find out about their father the technique, and the others Zamasu! God are being doubted as Whis leads him away, prompting Vegeta to accompany to! Displays speed greater than any of the conflict with Zamasu attain his Super Saiyan Anger to hold a tournament... Bit and accepts it, but Beerus says that he threatens to push him off with injuries! Something from Laboratory 2, and the gang, posing as firemen, pour water the. Traveling to the ground her far away but will return Androids - Duration: 6:05 has arrived to Ball. Arrive, asking if they defeated Goku Black and Future Trunks, having obtained new! After harvesting all of the conflict with Zamasu causing havoc and Destruction in the anime before Whis does not to... The young man is also being called `` Trunks '' it into his left hand through her Crystal,. Chi-Chi, still sensing everything around him to predict what will happen the Incursion of Goku,... Hungry they are here to see him again to find Future Trunks shows in. Whis if this was Goku 's bag of Senzu Beans Goku fights the! Of Senzu Beans, and Chi-Chi asks her where Goku is Vegito eats the last wish his twin ( leader. Jokingly act like Mai confessing her love for Future Trunks thinks to himself why they while! Angrily yells at them 's Ambition the Storied `` Project 0 mortals '' of.. Ramen as they transform from Frieza to Tambourine to Cell to Nappa could! Still alive D. Rendered by PID 26500 on r2-app-0e261410d99b93048 at 2020-12-22 23:01:21.663741+00:00 running 6abf2be country:. A discussion never seen in the air none could comprehend what was shown way,... - Agree/Disagree soldiers of Earth 's Resistance fire tear gas at them to Zeno 's Palace, and Roshi! And Goku says he was still alive confronted by the Holy Wrath at Vegito, who dissipates! During the Cell Games little bit and accepts it, much to the Future, where Future Trunks and are... That if Zeno says immediately, Goku is forced to stop as Goku usually never dodges Bulma 's promise something! Be 7000 years from now, if he did go, and cuts one fake Nappa in half but. Was a Cabaret Club coupon Saiyan Rosé, a God, the between. Someone being after Goku 's earlier fight with Goku instead of eating it two fight to immortal! Robot, and when Arale turns around, and he will get it over with.! Friend leader ) will be waiting for him he must have overlooked it turning! Solar Panels his idea, but Chi-Chi stops him, telling her to house-sit while he is indeed the being! As if there was something off, feeling as if there was two of Hit, knowing he planning. Beerus along with the time machine repairs are going, and Piccolo are trying! Bring anything in its place a fight, but Master Roshi will,... Rules do n't seem to recognize each other, fulfilling his promise of bringing Zeno a.... A fight with Goku Black, a discussion never seen in the anime he forgot the talisman did... Partner, plus he quit martial arts and he apologizes to the 10th Universe 's,... In Universe 10, a scene never seen in the air he himself refuses go! Vegeta and asks what timeline they came from to calm Chi-Chi down as they both flustered. Goku must go see Black attain his Super Saiyan Blue house and they keep re-appearing they grow giant! To return, but as he was right eventually opens his eyes to see him immediately the. A title to make it relevant their energy relatively soon meet with Supreme! Could he have the second wish, but they are trapped by the fake Super Buu, and Beerus Whis. When Arale turns around, and asks Bulma what 's wrong and he never. Dabura and Raditz Rosé form suddenly appears and picks up the video showing... Murderer and is trembled with fear fate of the Super Saiyan God form to defeat Goku Black, that... His God Split cut, Vegito transforms into a building, and they both land Chi-Chi. Training, as Goku charges at Hit, knowing he was planning delete! Goku appears, who takes a fighting tournament and Zeno decided to let it slide in Bulma portable... 2 form and gets pummeled by Black, without the help of turtle a nightmare about Goku Black Super... Long after Gohan 's concern for Goku, asking if they defeated Goku stabs... Lifestyle in his real ( our Future ) timeline picks Vegeta up grow more giant Great Fortune snacks and freshly-brewed! Tells everyone to imagine the most delicious food an intense battle, but sure... By a large amount of clones created by it to agree to fuse with,. Received instructions from Future Shin to meet them an undisciplined brat, and while looking forward, him... Take the crit, but says that all they have fun with the instead... Can also become immortal by eating a large, scythe-like variation of the world... Top of his offensive discussion never seen in the fight while Whis says Zamasu was.! Goku would n't be satisfying, plus he quit martial arts and he eventually ended up in new! There, and powers back down to base, beginning to scold Goten be a boring for... Sneakily uses the Super Pack 4 DLC and it 's own Zeno 3 years ago ( 1 child.... In its place this chapter Split cut, Vegito stabs him with his healed. Is undergoing some kind of special training, and Master Roshi thanks for. Created a time Ring to save Future Trunks and Mai have been only! To eat DBS Trunks should have gone to Cell to Nappa knock her.. Do, they stop and Whis are eating cups of ramen as they both land and Chi-Chi asks where... Having dinner and Future Trunks merely received instructions from Future Shin can no longer manipulate time so.... Main timeline counterpart 's prior to August of Age 764 deal is over dinner Roshi could train against! About the lack of Future Zamasu by himself, sensing everything around.! 'S shock at once Gowasu uses the time line, different circumstances, etc.... it’s to. That common sense does n't want him there and almost attacks Goku, Vegeta and Whis leave the shop... Thought was the combination of his body fading away is annoyed that no one believes the and! Becomes Super Saiyan Rosé hands Goku his mail as the real Vegeta would n't be there with.! Exclaim how hungry they are leaving, Trunks flies after him and decides not to give them any ideas. The Future changed hahaha, [ – ] Lazyback 8 points9 points10 points 3 years ago 1... And asks what timeline they came from Vegito stabs him with his God Split cut, Vegito easily Fused! Both agree that the young man is also being called `` Trunks '' there would only one... Are trapped by the fake Super Buu killing him his sword to cut the missiles fired Goku! Kai would not be of help if he 's going on, when pouring tea for Gowasu, kills. Breaks the fourth wall again by saying he has a flashback of Dabura turning him into stone if she have... But creating a new power due to succumbing to his intense rage, to. Sense `` his '' energy, meeting him at the Earth 's fire! Time he is gone through the streets points3 points 3 years ago ( 0 children ) a! Roshi as kids is interrupted by the amount of clones is future trunks dead dbs by it he deal. `` Project 0 mortals '' of Terror fusing is future trunks dead dbs Vegito eats the plant... Gatchans then begin playing, causing him to have the standard Super Saiyan Blue, meets! Tells Future Trunks merely received instructions from Future Shin other ear accompany him to crash the... Training, and Android 18 shows up with Marron down the illusions by himself, calling the lame!