Su di me

My name is Olimpia, I am a born American and raised Venetian girl.

Thanks to my mother’s business and travels I have had the chance to go around the globe since the age of 1. Everywhere we went we had the opportunity to enjoy different hotels, restaurants, flights, shopping, trains, planes and even limos.
No matter where we were, there was always something special waiting for me.

It was easy to feel like a little Princess. Growing up I developed my own particular tastes and became more independent in my traveling.

I came to realize that what I enjoyed the most was finding “the best for less” or sometimes just the best, everywhere I went. Pretty soon I started getting frequent calls from all of my friends asking for my suggestions, such as the perfect restaurant to impress your date, which wine and which foods to order, dress-codes, how and where to organize a birthday party or where to find the most unusual getaways...

Finally I decided that it was time to summarize all the things I like in a single place, so I created this blog to share any time "My Picks & Tips" with you.

Ecco, just ask!