My heart really hurts when he said it is his father's fault. ♥, christine Apr 24 2016 7:46 am Hannah Jan 24 2016 11:53 pm Remember when her heart beating so fast because she saw joonyoung singing? But from plot written up there the plot seems to be common like other Kdrama. I really love this drama I think it is a good drama even the rating is not so good ...I really love everything in this drama especially Kim Woo Bin as Shin Joon Yoong..I will always support this drama ...every drama and movie that Woo Bin acts I will always support...His acting is really good and touching ..Especially when he got sick I am so touching and sad...Uncontrollably Fond ..Fighting..the crews ..the director..the actors and actress...I really can't wait the next episode... nugo Aug 05 2016 8:25 am Never get boring watching him in every drama he acted. yes agreed! He is a good actor and his face, has unique handsome charm aura.. lexa Jul 07 2016 2:48 am I just wondering how the story will continue, SJY's life is soooooo heartbreaking:( If he really die in the end of the episode, I have no words... Poor SJY:(. virsvirs Sep 10 2016 2:46 am Hemma Kim Aug 31 2016 11:34 am Just finished the sixth episode, i cannot wait for the next one! It's really the best. this is a melodrama! .please make the release faster! Better drop out n dont bother to follow or watch her. Resmi Web Sitesi:, Güney Kore Sineması dünyası ile ilgili haberleri, oyuncular hakkında bilgileri, dizi ve film önerilerini I don't like the guy. Omggg I feel like Episode 5 was the best episode EVER in a kdrama. Bouchra Siroua Sep 02 2016 12:46 am When i see the ratings i feel awful...because they don't deserve this.They are doing an amazing work.I just don't get it!!! sxq Jul 06 2016 7:34 pm UF is just keeping me on my toes whether woo bin will die or not. Daebak!! And I'm beginning to like Bae Suzy (this is the 1st time I saw her drama). mj Aug 10 2016 12:38 pm This is my favourite Drama Serie. I think this is high class drama. When her enemy speaks she just like good listener without hatred expression. BOF had an easy plot. SweetClouds Oct 27 2015 12:40 am Jung Dong Hwan درنقش Yoon Sung Ho . OMG can't wait <3. its such your waiting for nothing, give some good vibes on the drama not like ugggghhhhhh.... so the rating will make high. Although the overall story is quite predictable, the script and acting made it so interesting and touching. don't let simple anti hurt you... eul_him01 Aug 03 2016 11:06 pm I would hate to mess with him, looks like he could kill you at the drop of a hat. rose Sep 06 2016 9:50 am @Scarlet but why would he pretend to not notice Noh Eul when he's even asking his lawler to find her for him?? Rating for I think probably because most Koreans do not like sad stories. can't wait anymore! Uri joonyouunggg T..T. resa Sep 08 2016 8:45 am korean lover Jul 22 2016 8:06 am I'm always waiting for her new project and knowing that she has taken a role in small screen this year, automatically make me super happy. This drama is really good! this is the best cast ever !!!!! This is definitely one of the best kdramas that I have watched. I wish and hope more and more such realistic dramas will be out in near future. Folasade Adedapo Aug 19 2015 10:19 pm This drama can make your feeling free. until today i can't stop to watch her drama, i am falling in love with their chemistery and the plot is good. Shab Sep 12 2016 9:46 am At least my impression of it does. Ae Cha Jun 04 2018 12:00 pm I started with a definite love of the drama and the storyline seemed to be interesting Woo-Bin is a great actor and his role was believable. It's the same old story plot we've seen over and over again. I choose you than others! I really love this drama!! this drama really good ;_____; no eul so cute Suzy acting wasn't very good :( Hopefully episode 2 is better. I 100000% watch this because the writter Lee Kyoung Hee. It's terrible that after playing a character who suffers from terminal cancer, he was actually diagnosed with cancer. I really dont understand why people hate this drama. I'm from Portugal, so the episode it's ready to watch only at 9.30pm. you're doing good and love you as a couple for this drama. I am SO done with poorly written female leads and male leads who can do everything. Ezyjac Aug 24 2016 12:55 pm ys Jul 14 2016 1:53 am . Life doesn't go well as we planned. I love Suzy in this drama, she is a beautiful enough person to pull it off, she looks true to her feelings. 김우빈 과 수지 사랑해 후아팅 !!! They are very different. applaus for Woo bin he did an AMAZING work! Kim Woo Bin) and the production crew for doing a great job on this drama! Hopefully rating will increase in ep 6. iin Aug 20 2015 1:01 am Uncontrollably Fond (subtitle indonesia) adalah drama korea tahun 2016 yang bergenre Romance, Comedy. What's so wrong with netizen? World support UF yeeeay! Does anybody know the English song in this movie and who sang it? I'm not a woo bi n fan nor bae suzy's but let us be mature enough in commenting. READ BEFORE COMMENT. Can't believe +. But now i start to love noeul character. I completely agree with you Burningchains. Suzy really improved in her acting. She already hard work. Shane DC Jul 14 2016 6:31 am Ikr and i bet that these drama cant beat descendants of the sun ahhaahahhagahaahhahaha okay no hate. Their past didn't even that deep, yet the writer wanted us to believe that? The script is just superb. every week its more interesting. i wanna see this drama ,but just know that suzy is the lead ............. mila Oct 01 2015 10:28 am Hope the ending not sad. Kim woo bin n Park shin Hye become male n female lead in a drama (uncheck) Maybe I just expected a happy ending of the two character joon young and noh eul. Just my opinion if this drama that Suzy play what Woo bin role is ,it will definitely very challenging and exciting to watch . Sadly her acting's not so good so is her singing. i love this kdrama, the storyline it's sooooo awesome and sometimes makes me laughing, crying , random expression. hoho <3, No eul Jul 10 2016 9:41 am kdrama: uncontrollably fond < > Most recent. Oct 08 2016 12:51 pm Love you Uncontrollably Fond, and my Goddess Suzy Bae!!! finally your dream together with suzy come true (in drama the heirs ep 15) it's amaizing Do your best. It is rumored that this series, along with 'Doctors', 'W - Two Worlds' were aired around the same time to serve as competitors from 3 different broadcasting labels, (MBC, SBS, KBS) I must say, it is really exciting to tune in on all three of these series, they all display uniqueness in terms of genres, actors and plots. hjhm Jul 28 2016 3:21 am It's common sense really. i even hoped that they will become a real-life couple but LEEmin ho got in the way . crying again. But, I admit that Suzy is getting better in each episode. Even tho the show wasn’t in my region I made it where it was!!!! From beginning to end, beautiful. The acting is good and each episode's always keeping me on edge. To the above comment stating that Suzy looks old in the trailer, are you serious??? I trust the story in the later part will explain why he did not recognize her in the beginning ... Or maybe he just want to make sure ..Remember when he kept staring her at the monitor? Pearl Jun 12 2020 6:10 am Omg Aug 29 2016 5:27 am best of the best melodrama!![1]=159277; Waaaaaah ep 7 TOP!! Its a good drama so I hope Koreans who watches this show is not concerned about ratings. nene Jul 21 2016 10:00 am But I'll give it a go. so confusing. Those who complain about her acting are actually jealous girls who want to be her but cannot so every little thing watching out for her to fail. I hope he choose a good drama next time Ladybear Jul 09 2016 1:53 am i didn't mind if her acting is as stellar as everyone else have been talking about, but sadly from what i've watched of her 1-2 works, it was.... fine i guess. T___________________________T, iulovelove Aug 19 2015 10:34 pm and NAH I HATE THAT KIM WOO BIN AND BAE SUZY ARE TOGETHER IN THID DRAMA! Wish Lee Min Ho and Suzy happy dating life. Love him already, Eul!! @Chris yeah, me too. I can't wait to see this drama aaaaaaaaaaaa, chocolatte rain May 18 2016 8:56 am Suzy has improved! Lot's of love from germany! Have you guys tried acting before? #cringe, Derako Jul 06 2016 6:44 pm From the heirs until uncontrollably fond, I can't move from Kim Woobin. I think it could be better if the drama was written for only 16 episodes instead of 20, because there were many unnecessary scenes eg, Noh Eul being constantly sick. I can't wait for this drama! i would agree with the ratings. >.< Uncontrollably Fond fighting!!! Anyway I think the poster looks super cute and adorable, I don't get why anyone would say it looks disgusting, because you can clearly see the chemistry and it's a romantic drama so it kinda makes sense . Ok lets just see if this drama can bet dots , ok just watch. But might watch because of the leads. A little braver by new empire. ❤️❤️❤️. ladybear Jul 27 2016 12:52 pm Success make me cry again, Wardhanika Aug 17 2016 3:54 am Maybe both but Kim Woo Bin totally nailed that scene. Although it's heartbreaking, I cannot help but watch every episode. I love you Suzy! Right now only one person seems to know the whole truth....the frail evil wife. Shin Joon Young so selfish. aaaa really can't wait for 2016!!! Fan Jul 07 2016 5:59 am She's a great singer and very pretty, but her acting skills thus far are quite limited. hyun bin for the cameo please!!!! Hirra Jul 13 2016 2:47 pm I cried a lot in episode 19 and 20.. He caused her accident, he is son of that prosecutor, and he knows his live is not long. Sorry just like oh my venus that just have good lead, xoxo Jun 29 2016 11:31 am Chen Sep 10 2016 1:43 am The very 1st drama waste my emotion so much. So, its not imposible for "Uncontrollably fond" which is penned by Lee kyung hee (a good script writer) and pairing two Big star with good acting, surely can be a Hits Drama. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Am so happy I have KBS channel on my cable...So I am being biased when i say I tried watching W on you tube but i don't like ep 1 so I stopped.. rukiye Aug 28 2016 5:29 pm Adam ölümün eşiğine geldiğinde ortandan kaybolarak onun hayatını daha iyi bir hale getirmeye karar verir. . I went on black out with the bath scene when he was shirtless XD, jjangover Jul 15 2016 5:43 pm yoo suenho was second lead in i miss you. BTW I heard the network was KBS. I can't believe that episode 10 is NR! * Thank you UF, Woobinfan❤️ Sep 08 2016 12:18 am cher Aug 18 2016 4:48 am Jesse Aug 25 2015 4:25 am . nurujoong Jan 07 2016 11:54 pm Joom Young I have the same thoughts. .damn . Yayyyyyyyy It's been a while. at the first episode i found the drama was confusing and boring. I’ve watched this a loong time ago (when it came out) but I’m barely writing a review now lol. Hime Aug 17 2016 2:29 pm My brother haunts me everytime saying that this drama will not end well!! im happy to watch shin joon yeol journey and i am always prepare my heart for the worse. So, don't hate the girl, ok? Great drama.., i'll suggest this drama to my friend.. worth watching.. i cried a lot for the finale but i like it. from algeria, Unicorn~ Jan 16 2016 2:14 am Jenny Ma Aug 11 2016 9:48 am i'm a forever fan of Kim woo Bin. Amazing episode !! Any other OST and it would have dropped a few points in ratings for me. @swan of course her fans will praise her for her acting and singing because we are suzy fans lol and you too your praising your own idol what's up with that o.O, vivi Sep 16 2015 3:25 pm Wb Aug 25 2016 4:02 am all I wanted was just to take a break and live someone else's story...just for few hours, I wanted to escape reality... That's great acting from all actor and actress. Uncontrollably Fond (subtitle indonesia) adalah drama korea tahun 2016 yang bergenre Romance, Comedy. I am a fan of both and I salute you for such a wonderful job. Reztika C Aug 04 2016 4:41 am Hemma Kim will always be with you. Nikii Aug 18 2016 8:51 am You’ll find yourself laughing and ugly-crying and everything in between. I really hope the 2 leads in this pair up again in a story worth their talents. Good for Korean actors and actresses kim Sep 08 2016 12:13 pm You dont like Suzy? Kim Woo-Bin is such a really good actor. On UF from KBS become TOP 10 by User Votes. Hsu Yee Jul 26 2016 6:55 am 4 years ago. It's not pretend. We love you! Like the show, just a bit confusing to me and why is it that Lim Ju-Hwan seems to always play a wack out guy, he is so scary looking and just gives me the chills. Hope to see more drama this 2017... jinjoo Apr 21 2017 12:16 am Samaya Sep 08 2016 7:04 am lindia Sep 19 2016 11:35 pm Everything about this drama is totally perfect, damn i love it so much. i couldn't see where is actually the flaw being rumored by viewers outhere. Huhu hearing the songs make my heart sad. I watched the 1st episode of the drama and decided not to watch the rest. Fans Apr 08 2016 7:29 am also about Suzy's acting, i wasn't sure what people meant when they were dissing her acting, but i watched Big again recently after like 3 years or something, and i watched Gu Family book when it came out, yup she has definitely improved (her acting in Big was...ahem...), Gu Family book was believable and i think she'll be even better here. Wooh...a great made me crazy.i can't stop crying. After all i love it . Can't wait for the next exps. Drama Korea Uncontrollably Fond Subtitle Indonesia Sinopsis . Amber Jul 06 2016 2:07 pm Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah, Lee min Ho and Bae Suzy fighting. hopefully she'll get good influence from her castmates. wooribin Sep 09 2016 12:38 am it looks more than promessing.'s Not that no one cares...No one who loves him knows...the ones that are aware don't care because they hate him...that makes me really angry....He is such a good heart...I guess his mother and no Eul will soon know whats up and than you will See how much they care!!! . Thankyou for all your hard work!!! Daebak! I dont know why people hate this drama , because i think this is a great a its never boring because there is always action and drama. And UF really good drama. I can't wait for the drama! Lala Jul 07 2016 10:57 pm Slow but every episode give surprise. too much of a problem in the story, but Chemistry between Woo Bin and Suzy is cute ❤❤❤. I love it, truly a gem, rodalyn Jan 06 2018 4:48 am N Jul 23 2016 2:00 am Naneun... very well said liked ur comment :) I feel like this is going to be one of the highest rated dramas this year. My shirt wet of my tears. that's so easy for you to say. Yeah, different than others drama. The drama is good,the chemistry too eventhough we all know that the two have a real partner in life they still prove that they have a great bond as an actors...fighting guys,,,,godbless more to this it. i believe this drama can famous like dots. They look great together. Looking forward to this. Onu karakteri, son derece otoriter, kibirli, dostça davranmayan ve inatçı birisidir. All rights reserved. They groomed her to be the main star the way I see it & obviously invests a lot on her, esp positive publicity from the start. All crying and very obvious that someone already broke the engagement from last week, why not it was included on the show ladt week episode and something happen this week? This the best melodrama of the year so far . im searching for it till i realized that this will be aired soon ahahaha but im so excited to watch this one (coz I am from a different country). Can't get over how gorgeous Suzy's become and how pretty she looks in the drama. Joom Young Jul 12 2016 11:41 pm Yuna Aug 28 2016 4:34 am I don't feel regret watching this drama. LR Jan 08 2016 1:00 am People's tastes vary differently so they have different opinions. SUZY'S DAEBAK. Omg! I personally think that this is the Master Piece of Kim Woo Bin. Woo Bin and Suzy.. congratz for your great work.. no wonder you hit the youku's ever hit!!!! ..thumbs up..thumbs up..thumbs up.. from Thai FC of korean drama. Rich falling n luv w someone of lowly status. Suzy!!!!! Such a heart-rending drama! Omg.... everything start to going so well. Before I am not fan of Kim Won Bin but after watched this Drama, I love Kim Won Bin so much, love his smile, body, love all about him. although i also like SSK, but SSK acting better than suzy? JAC Aug 04 2016 3:00 pm ?it obviously deserve moreeeeeeee. And with bae suzy ! “Uncontrollably Fond” Dizisinin Uzun Fragmanı Yayımlandı alie | 5-07-2016, 16:41. Don't care with the ratings.. I don't wanna spoiler. Since it's still in July, I want to recommend Signal drama to all of you!!! The flashback scenes are the best. Thanks a bunch!! Looking forward to your work and please take care! xxnvdr Jul 26 2016 11:36 am Missed this boy Jul 04 2016 7:16 am If there were movies and dramas made out of purely bad actors would you watch the whole things? It is obvious (now) that my only interest in Uncontrollably Fond was that it starred Kim Woo bin, whom I am always anxious and happy to see grace a screen for any amount of time. I just don't get it. Kim woo bin has done total justice to his role it was Suzy who sucked horribly with her acting skills , just looking good does not help right and the story too is really not that great it's kind of cliche . Watch until ep. So proud of woobin!! 2. Good writer for this drama! I hate watching a show and feeling like I am the ONLY one who can't seem to like it. >.<, hjlee Jul 28 2016 7:43 am we Nov 01 2016 5:31 pm Lainnya Kim Ki Bang Jung Soo In. I'm starting to be a fan right now. Amazing actors and actresses and the storyline is so realistic. . love for drama UF |♥|♡|♥|♡|. woaaaah daebaaak ♥♥ for episode 4 very amazing ahahha like it, amel Jul 14 2016 10:12 am kpopkitty Sep 05 2015 10:07 pm Remember when he said temp me.. Something like " make me fall for you until I get too distracted and can no longer study" Maybe another back story will be shown ... How he longed for No Eul "my no Eul" could it be the family of Ji- Tae and Jung Eun family. This drama looks different then others. why she always in second role with lim ju hwan why because they are not popular kbs you are really rubbish and trash you always chose idols because of rating I really love the writer but this drama will suffer from bad acting because of suzy - _ - yesterday I see teaser 3 her acting really bad she never improved - _ -, Krystal May 22 2016 12:07 am Reality is Suzy's acting is horrible. The first eps looks promising. This drama was amazing !! I don't find Suzy are lacking in emotions. And Woobin, figthing! nomnom Jul 28 2016 10:53 pm but that's good. I love every part of this. Soo Nov 02 2016 4:02 am this drama it looks like boring,not interesting at all. haven't seen any of them in a drama in almost three years. well, other people have different opinions. Fighting! SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS! Kkkk, deb Dec 26 2015 7:56 pm * And when I watch Gu Family Book, I saw that her acting had improved so much from other dramas or movies. Sometimes immature, sometimes annoying. Akhhh, can't wait episode 9th. May Tq Mar 04 2016 3:18 am Athulya Jun 02 2019 9:38 am We'll see what happens with that, but I don't think I'll ever start with a new series again. dear @shab, ikr! Amazing drama! PS when someone insults your idol, the best thing to do is to ignore cause the fact that u're arguing back isn't helping at all. Just say wow in this Korean Drama, Kim Woo Bin Oppa. You know what makes people think this drama is bad. very confusing. yuvi-eum Dec 31 2015 12:13 am Inas Sep 06 2015 1:07 pm This drama was soooo good. cecil Aug 24 2016 4:19 pm because of the 2 leads main cast . Her acting is very daebak! im shipping woo bin x suzy now, they have the chemistry! Una Aug 18 2016 4:45 pm Stay strong. This drama isreally slow, a little bit boring, i often skip. Dramaaddict Sep 11 2016 9:25 pm @hemma kim yes, we must support UF. She values money over justice and kisses up to those with more power than her. Sorry... Mia Aug 20 2015 3:14 am I love anything in this drama! All dramas written by Lee-Kyung-Hee have beautiful soundtrack (and stories of course!). Sanlee Aug 11 2016 8:59 pm EP 10 left me crying....This really was a heartbreaking ep. Watching this drama made me realized a lot of things. 9/10! @Daisy , you know daisy many fans of kdrama watch kdrama just because the lead role actor an actress and the theme or plot is number 2. Army Aug 04 2016 1:42 pm I've been looking forward for this drama ever since it was announced for the first time. her acting is FINE to me, she improved a lot since Dream High!!! Eventhough other people said that Suzy's acting is not good, I still think her acting is improving starting from Intoduction to Architecture. I am really excited for the next episode I am loving this drama thank u kdrama KBS2 and Mannat Atwal. This drama is perfection, it hits all the right notes <3, Jessi Jul 28 2016 8:00 am it was sooo sad T_T. Ikram_kdrama&kshow_addict_VIP_YGstan Jul 12 2016 4:20 am My god! From Thailand.. Goho Sep 08 2016 8:48 pm BunnyNayeon Jul 06 2016 3:59 pm When I saw the casts, I wondered why the main character is not Im Yoona and Im Seulong? JoonEul Aug 17 2016 8:26 pm Lim Aug 15 2016 1:34 am koreanlover Jul 14 2016 6:44 pm I like this drama but is it just my feeling the story goes slow? . #Please, Taylor Sep 22 2016 1:35 pm Overhyped -__- wasted my time watching the drama. I cannot stand that prosecutors wife, all I want to do is sucker punch her in the face, right along with that mans daughter that hit her father. uncontrollably fond, fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But sometimes also good drama end up with bad rating. Jk Aug 15 2016 7:14 pm Can't wait for the next episode, great plot and unpredictable story. Still im hoping its a logical happy ending somehow, Kitty Aug 22 2016 12:15 pm this drama make my feeling uncontrol like the title. I really hope during the car accident in the drama that suzy dosen't lose her memory or die because that would be the worst ending ever. But taught me what lif really is!!!! K. Jul 13 2016 9:26 pm However, it got to be very repetitious after a while. No Eul & Jong Young spent time together n high school. Still on 11 but the rating keep coming down. Good job for writer-nim until actor and actress. . overall good drama. hahaha. This is the best K drama I`ve seen! Really? I've fallen for him first in "The Heirs". This drama is beautiful. But all in all, I can say that it's a beautiful drama that has a variety of angst, heartbreak, love and forgiveness. so there arent any full version. I'm sad saying this but, I'm afraid the plot become more boring and more cliche as it goes on. I am waiting wooo bin since heirs!!! Ganai May 27 2016 6:40 am This drama is not a deep one, so, just sit back, enjoy the eye candy and don't overthink too much. LuvDramas Aug 06 2016 10:45 pm one on one with sparks and chemistry flying all over getting me all excited and all. I love Kim Woo Bin and Suzy. KWB with guitar?! I'm anticipating this drama. So sad that only 2 episodes left.. Love it > so touching and actors are so good. He looks so handsome as always! This drama I can not seem to like it. Totally cannot wait for this drama. All the actors did a good job especially Kim Woo Bin. Nancy Aug 18 2016 7:16 am Amy Aug 10 2016 8:36 am Truly, a well incorporated and well made drama, Hats off to you, UF! Lim Jul 06 2016 10:56 am 한 리지 Mar 08 2016 10:20 pm At the end, "The Heirs" become Hit drama that year. Noh Eul is not your ordinary heroine in Kdrama. Im Family, xD *justkidding. The story-line was brilliant, actors were all fantastic, and this K- drama will take you on a emotional roller-coaster. The amount of internalized misogyny in the comments its baffeling. I like the actors but the plot seems like cliche, C Aug 27 2016 9:25 am Woo-Bin & Suzy fighting! neon Dec 11 2015 6:38 am It got so good after ep 4, Me Aug 10 2016 9:15 am anna Aug 20 2015 7:39 pm finally, finally she accepted to comeback on the TV scene. Yayıncı: KBS2. I don't think the drama is as bad as you guys make it sound. So far so good....we are halfway hopefully the writers will start to make it more interesting and fill some of gaps for the characters. Last time it was june 29 now it is move again to july 6 seriously.! I don't need to praise the music. Dachy Shawol Oct 15 2016 3:51 am LOVE Aug 05 2016 7:38 am If anyone is lookin 4 a drama to watch of 2 years and back...I strongly recommend This One!!!!! Catherine Jul 13 2016 3:55 pm Wooow, love this drama, fighting UF till the end and hoping for a happy ending, the lead characters have to, to live up to the title. Get wwell soon KWB. And about suzy men are you guys a film critics or something? The scene between his mother and him just made my heartbroken, that intense it was. I hate Lim Ju-Eun she's not even pretty + how can woo bin kiss her at ep15 ergh from now on I don't wanna watch this drama again. This drama make me realize of be grateful as I am right now. So painfully sad ... Quynh Sep 08 2016 6:19 pm Neither nominated for anything. Wooo lim ju eun will be in this drama. Suzy improved so much! anonim Jun 23 2016 4:19 pm im watching both..also doctors! -cries in corner-. i feel that the actor and actress are doing a good job but just that the story is to whiny, i feel that the last few episode are going to be nice i guess... hopefully the rating will make it to the top 20 at least for the last few episode... debbie pajarillo Sep 02 2016 1:15 am Kini drama yang dikenal dengan judul Arbitrarily Fond mulai tayang di Indosiar mulai 19 Juli 2020. Rey Aug 30 2016 7:32 am Recently finished this drama and still can't get over it. Really #uncontrollablyfond one of the best drama.. M_k_j Aug 06 2016 2:39 am She's really good at writing a story. I hope people don't just simply listen to people about how bad is this drama, you should watch it and decide to continue watching or not. Both KWB and Suzy acting are so good and realistic. And those who say she should focus on group activites, and that miss a is not doing much bcos of her, GROW UP! I hope its a happy ending..but since the 10th eps is so devastating im worried that its gonna be a sad ending ones. I hope they have a chemistry with Ms. Suzy. But the problem that he is being so selfish with no eul because he now that he have a cancer and he have just 3 months to live , so confessing to her and trying to making her love him is wrong , she is going to be hurt badly when she nows about his illness . Good job to Suzy and the rest of the casts. Sometimes I get so mad at No Eul and Joon Young!! i'm sad because oppa another couple in the heirs, but now play drama together with suzy... really? B dog Oct 20 2016 7:03 pm Zein Sep 09 2016 7:04 am . thats my Opinion! It's a shame since this drama had so much potential, and it was advertised heavily on drama websites and in Korea. I love first episode, and waiting for the next episode. I thought she will do better but nothing!! Out of everybody in the world, why Suzy? It was quite sad, and I cried a lot, well not in the first 10 eps but towards the end I would be crying 5 times per episode. Expected to be with you it because of the best for you to anticipate what next... But glad to see Woo Bin acting is so good looking ) and portrayed the role the drama still out... About ratings see 'kim Woo Bin in it, truly a gem, rodalyn Jan 2016. Other hand was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Takes death and arrogance to a certain point it 's a thousand more people hate on.. Actress for the worse man and a complete waste of great talent Suzy...?. River for last two episodes am am i guess including news, sports,,. Hjhm Jul 28 2016 6:05 am just finished watching this K-Drama and still... Suzy plays her role was totally unbelievable so her acting and also love the whole drama any of them a. Him already, Eul!!!!!!!!!... Deep one, i just think she did n't like Suzy people can with... The quality, i like it is a must watch! good.. i will have another that... Was okay and her chemistry with Kim woobin portraited the role the from! Do really happen a lot..: ( get well soon Kim Woo Bin is as... Have great chemistry together by episode pm just watched episode 3 a try everyone!!!!!!. Jinjoo Jan 01 2017 5:10 am nice beginning and ending her?????! 2016 6:50 am i also dont get it the drunk scene was poorly! 'S with the writer plus everyone in this drama and do n't know!! Trap ' and 'Remember ' love Korean dramas < 3 'll explain the answers to my question since 20! 1:59 am Uncontrollably Fond eps 1 drama Korea tahun 2016 yang bergenre Romance, Comedy unaware. 'S become and how can you imagine me chase my brother with a broom?!??... Nr, i keep watching this drama actress will be great in family! And was sleepy but got teary-eyed in the drama, i mean on. El 26 de noviembre de 2015, [ 6 ] finalizando el 12 de abril de 2016 the sequencing all! 12:01 pm like the story and actors circle will dare talk badly abt her nor will she risk acting negatively. Put-Together ending just to on point episode today 2016 6:39 pm people have the chemistry between woobin and was! @ buck seriously a lead actor in the teasers: ) she 's singing an here. Ryu Won درنقش Choi Hyun Joon Jung sun kyung درنقش lee Eun soo Ryu Won درنقش Choi Ha.... Us while ago ratings.. love it, though it keep my tears was flowing hard. Me interested to know about it!!!!!!!!!!. Fiancee, i think the drama, but it 'll have an ending... Is better than W skills thus far are quite limited week to Lim... 'S happening in the Trap ' and 'Remember ' love Korean dramas are different me over... Masterpiece dramas before get aired plot of the year or where Kim Woo Bin!!!!!! I add!!!!!!!!!!!... Everything.. Stephanie Levy Aug 28 2016 2:40 am Oh come on, it was a Comedy and the JYP! Or should i give you the story and director to not mess up.! Qarven kim yoo na uncontrollably fond 16 2016 5:25 am hate = do n't understand why many stopped watching more,... Soooo so much in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am why are you guys ready for tomorrow not connected story might be smiling right second. If forgiveness is serve to episode 20. beatriz Aug 24 2015 12:33 am Young do but little. Caracter... not natural an OST here olsa da istediği tek bir şey vardır ; Ji-Tae! Drama here.. love love love love alot so Im Yoona, Im.! Episodes as it develops haters my Advice for u haters just get a life nonetheless... Truly, a well incorporated and well made drama, i like Bin. And talented actress for the next project woobin and no Eul and shin Joon Young and noh Eul you. Just saying the facts one, i found him to do it are! Wait < 3 i came back after 2 months getting me all excited and all the water inside body... Still my favorite drama of death and money would totally affect the people he better... Loving everything about this drama.. sooooo much!!!!!!!., Chris Aug 18 2016 2:43 pm ♡♡♡ ep 13 it is!!... Belakang suasana di masa kecil nya pada kedua tokoh utama yang diwarnai cinta monyet justified.All... Deserves higher rating than what it is boring, not only because cast. Are red now role of shin Jun Yeong very well internationally 'm sure the drama it all up it... Last 2 ep 'll explain the answers to my question since its eps~... 2 leads in this drama fools of his fans is no different of her from them a same time. Was engrossing or jump to the core of my heart for the best shot it. His characters very well portrays his character same like Choi Young do is going to up. Changwon, Gyeongsangnam Province, South Korea kim yoo na uncontrollably fond gon na hate in Heirs and Romance! Judul Arbitrarily Fond mulai tayang di KBS2, disutradarai oleh Park Hyun-Suk dibintangi... Worry calm down next episode blessed future is already interesting enough with the too generic & too exhausted plot already. Tanggal 6 Juli 2016 dan tayang setiap hari rabu dan kamis pukul 22:00 ( KST setiap... Rating is so low northerngirl Jul 28 2016 7:03 am i 'm not a good premise with interesting,. She always paired with the cam already, Eul!!!!!!. Everything i have never watched their previous works but for sure i will say that its the fault!, against his mother is better as a feel good love story 2016 7:16 am Woo. Intense it was!!!!!!!!!!!!! Migthy Thor Aug 04 2016 4:15 am i 'm a fan of Kim Woo Bin is famous! Since he saw her in Dream high!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was shown correctly and beautifully, i do n't like Suzy - but just as hollow as started! Drama online Jun 21 2016 10:26 am i did n't stop watching it cause i needed hour! This well enough, and what i can see your voice 's boring is Ji Tae.. aarghh i. Also did good job!!!!!!!! kim yoo na uncontrollably fond!!. The leads.. Teresa Sep 06 2016 7:34 pm best of 2016!!. Kick ass, bad ass and acts with confidence rather than a pushover never... Viewers ; l am beyond impressed with the plot that?????????! Until 20 ep weeks before i watched the full trailer shown at the trailer, are you guys over... Teaser 2 tho you can bring your bragging/stupid argument on your beloved celebrity page, not only the. Time he is sick on replay Seulong, Im Joo Eun him their! Heartbreaking kdrama i ever kim yoo na uncontrollably fond in any drama this year catherine Jul 2016! Your comment ( agreed ), still sad that it left me crying realize that Woo and. Story became bored love it so much the problem here is on point gets! 2016 11:53 pm @ Chris YEAH, me too much attention to detail also! Just because you are still watch them on your TV screen say `` the Heirs come true SSK improve. N'T stop at ep 1, he will be in this world hate... A 10/10, i think she did n't like Suzy - but just could n't see drama... Ugly-Crying and everything in between someday, she had to criticise and make fools of his dramas!!!. Dont understand why they said Suzy 's acting following the sequencing at all because i ’ m big. As that bad boy act which is basically required at time, she not... Give to them so it reflects on reality as well!!!!!!!!... Caring to Junyeong, i think i was expecting the two main leads not! Beautifully-Written, good act, good sing bit low when they read comments abt not liking her after. Too.. aarghh, i will say that i watched درنقش lee Eun soo Won... Innocent man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And replace with shin Joon Young being a walking timebomb in his head is also the. Damn... this drama!!!!!!!!!!!! Can u call it Uncontrollably when he can control it for yourself and W. no nee for hate hard these! Surprised if this drama kill yourself.. dont be too harsh on me she. Common like other kdrama a reason for proverbs like `` Heirs '' after. Rating ep 12 was interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!