You’re at the best site ever. I climbed high up in it…I could sit on a large branch for hours just thinking. Mary and Joseph are said to have sought protection from the elements under the cover of a Sycamore. Their hardiness, fertility and ability to grow in high salt soils helped them to spread like wildfire. shikmoth and shikmim, Gr. A tree can also be planted as a memorial to honor the life of someone dear to you that has recently died. Perhaps the first famous appearance of this tree is in the Bible. The sycamine tree was known to have one of the deepest root structures of all trees in the Middle East. It is fairly water-resistant and can adapt itself well to grow nearly anywhere. More recently, a famous Sycamore was responsible for the protection of St Paul’s Cathedral in New York on September 11, 2001. This practice likely stems from the Sycamore’s association with fertility and the interesting way it reproduces. And, naturally, my first wand was a Sycamore branch. A widespread symbol of the tree is the tree of life, it's body rooted in earth with its crown dancing in the sky. The large Sycamore that stood outside of the cathedral did not survive the initial blast, but it did block a serious amount of damage that would have been done to the building. Cypress tree symbolism also travels a darker path as the tree is one of the oldest symbols of mourning. For this reason, the Sycamore tree symbolism gained a reputation as a symbol of resilience against diseases – both physical and mental. Zacheus did not hesitate. Imagine the thrill. Kash and Susan both had childhood spiritual awakenings that led them to see past the 3D veil at a young age. In fact, ancient Greeks and Romans referred to the cypress as the “mournful tree” for this reason. O, thou art fairer than the evening air, clad in the beauty of a thousand stars. We had a massive Sycamore tree behind our detached house, right outside my bedroom window. To past Native-American cultures, the Sycamore was equivalent to the Oak, as Holy trees go. Sycamore. Zacchaeus’ choice to stand on a mighty sycamore tree in Jericho points towards the crucial event that will take place in the coming days: Jesus’ cursing of the withered fig tree and the cleansing of the Temple, a blatantly revolutionary … The sycamore and fig are cousins. The genus name for maple is Acer, meaning “sharp” in Latin. Do you ever wonder why you make some of the life decisions you make? (Starseeds Quiz And Test). The sycamore tree has appeared in both religious texts and other forms of literature. In Wales during the middle ages you would present them with a “Love Spoon”. Gifts have long been a part of dating. The sycamore was the Tree of Life in Egypt, and also in Assyria. more properly sycomore (Heb. Sycamore is an air and water element tree. Its planetary link to healing practices is associated with Venus, but it is to be remembered that Ash is also associated with the God Poseidon (and Neptune).. Levi, known as Matthew, was one of Christ’s original 12 apostles. In Britain you never hear about the mystical qualities of Sycamore. I told her how when I was a young child, there was a Catalpa tree outside my bedroom windows. Ash tree symbolism is linked to the Sun and to elements of Fire and Air. Many people will remember playing with the “helicopters” from Sycamore trees – the winged seeds that spin gently to the ground as they drop from the tree’s branches. However, with the rise of Christianity in the western world and the tree’s introduction to Europe either by the Romans or the Crusaders, a rich set of meanings has arisen around the world. Its juice was precious by virtue of its occult powers " The fruit and sap of the Tree of Life bestow immortality." Magical Uses of the Ash Tree. My Sycamore tree was everything to me for years. Oaks are also believed to be a healing tree, for the heart and soul, as well as the body in general. Ornately decorated with symbols of love and nature, you would present a romantic prospect with a Love Spoon in order to signal your intent and woo them. Symbolism of the Tree Three days after Jesus was crucified and buried, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to pay her respects. Lockdown has been a beast but we must bear it with grace and I can think of no finer way to embrace it gracefully than by your actions in building this healing establishment in this very place. That may have been the driving force behind the introduction of this tree to Europe, if it was done by the Crusaders. Before maturity they have smooth trunks, remaining supple and adaptable until fully grown. Adaptation to Urban Living, Beauty, Survival, Winning. Adherents of Christianity and Islam historically planted cypress near burial sites and cemeteries for protection against evil spirits. The tree is a spiritual motif and framework, a map of conception and consciousness that brings together the temporal worlds of time, space and consciousness. And whilst three grew at a normal-ish rate, the one in front of my window grew so fast I was able to climb it very soon! ( Log Out /  Jesus used the mustard seed and tree to speak of the growth of his kingdom (Matt. More correctly called Great Maple, in North America, the Native Americans used the sap from Sycamore for wine-making and syrup!  And, as a Taurus, I am very much an Earth Girl. (Also see Mulberry tree; Tree) Islamic Dream Interpretation | … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hathor conceived Horus by the overshadowing of the Sun. Susan and Kash and their team of experts cover many topics that guide and help thousands of readers. ( Log Out /  The Sycamore tree created a clear line of vision for Zaccheus. To some Native American cultures, the sycamore is a holy tree equivalent to the oak in Europe. For the tree, it is an incredibly effective way of reproducing. 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This was far from the last time it would be touted as a symbol of protection. I spent hours as a young girl playing in the soil, quite literally, and the most soothing thing to do at times, when my little girl life became fraught from the dreadful things that could happen from time to time, was to sit and dig my hands into the warm, fragrant Earth, feeling cosy and calmed by the connection. We never went hungry and the bills were paid. Although for some it may seem strange, the birch immediately feels what a man truly thinks, which does not recommend the proximity to him of the hidden person. A tree is symbolic of nurturing energies if it is a fruit bearing tree. In addition, the wand was believed to increase hunger. They can also symbolize health, luck, resistance, morale, and survival. And, I could always sit in my Sycamore tree…perhaps it is when my ancestors began working my life through that tree. Mind, they weren’t little trees when first planted – my father always planted semi-grown trees around our house. Tupelo. Although they were rare in Europe before the middle ages, at some point they were brought over from the Arab Peninsular and shortly spread across the whole continent. And I am grateful for it. Zacchaeus is a Hebrew name meaning “clean or pure” but he was a corrupt tax collector who worked for the Roman Government. Smile! Eleven years ago, when he was 26, the author visited an Anglican monastery to determine whether he should be a writer, a doctor, or a priest. In Egypt, it is portrayed as representation of Egyptian goddesses in the book named “Book of the Dead”. Because of that special meaning, many places of worship are surrounded by oak trees. It was said that this delay cost Xerxes the war, and Greece went on to build the Athenian Empire. Divine Alignment, Magical Authority. The word “sycamine” comes from the Greek word sukaminos, and it is the Greek word that refers to a tree that grew throughout the Middle East. The primary symbolism surround the Sycamore relates to love, protection and fertility. Not all trees are considered as sacred trees. I’m so glad the rest of the blog was of interest and help to you. Both had explored the metaphysical, spiritual, healing, and esoteric worlds extensively before they met and were ready for their Twin Flame union. In A Dresser of Sycamore Trees: The Finding of a Ministry, Garret Keizer writes about some of the high and low points in his spiritual journey in the small town of Island Pond, Vermont. Still, its lessons have served me well over the years as I’m sure yours will and all. The reason this tree matures so slowly is adaptability. They are particularly resistant to strong winds, resulting in their appearance along coastlines and in the Scottish Highlands due to their ability to remain standing where others would fall. How could I not? Sycamores in general are known for their longevity.… It is definitely a tree perfect for any sort of ancestral workings. They are renowned for their ability to withstand punishment. Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings x, Ah, thank you, Paula! It is water resistant (though not as much as cypress) and often grows where other trees cannot. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The trees are believed to be like spiritual guardians that can provide comfort and solace. Whether its healing or relationship help, the SU mission is to help every soul find their path. When You Think of Someone Are They Thinking of You? It placed him in the right position for the invitation that would follow. I think it fitting now that I look back, that a Sycamore tree would be my first tree love…it is after all, a tree of Ancestral and Earth Wisdom.  Many of you whom have read my previous blogs know that I am a Hedge Witch…not the neo-Hedge Witch but the one who rides the Hedge and walks between the Worlds…mainly to speak with my ancestors primarily during All Hallows Eve. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In Greek history, according to Herodotus, the Greeks owed some of their military success to the charm of the Sycamore.  In 480 BC, an invading Persian king, Xerxes, camped his army in a sycamore grove.  Xerxes was so taken by their beauty that he decided to stay camped there, putting off his march for a few days. A sycamore tree in a dream also could be interpreted as a beautiful and a rich woman, or it may represent suffering from heart disease or sight problems. The Sycamore has always been considered a symbol of protection, even from the earliest mentions in human history. Tree of Heaven. For us, the Sycamore tree is a symbol of that place in our own lives which enables us to have a clear vision of Jesus. Its juice was precious by virtue of its occult powers" The fruit and sap of the Tree of Life bestow immortality." The wood, which continues to be used in furnitu… And I have days when I would give about anything to climb up into my old friend’s arms, or limbs, I should say, and snuggle up on my favourite limb and let its wisdom and love fill my soul and heart with hope again. Sycamore tree symbolism originates in Egypt and the Middle East. Nonetheless the meaning and symbolism of Trees remains firmly entrenched in our awareness. So, yes, I think that a Sycamore has a lot of magickal value. My favourites were the visiting Owls at night and the Crows and Ravens in the morning. I didn’t carve it into anything special, I just carried with me most places around our gardens or into the woodland behind us…well, if you could tell where our property ended, and the natural woodland began, that is! The sycamore tree symbolises protection, divinity, eternity, and strength. Sycamore The sycamore symbolizes growth, persistance, strength and endurance. It was also used for dietary, dermatological, gynaecological, respiratory, and for gastrointestinal problems. ... (who climbed a tree related to the fig family, not a sycamore). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. And the Sycamore tree is mentioned many times in the Bible, so I’ve read. Zacchaeus (pure), a tax-collector near Jericho, who, being short in stature climbed up into a sycamore tree in order to obtain a sight of Jesus as he passed through that place. Speaking of Witch Wands & Magickal Things, The Magickal Sycamore Tree: My First Tree Love, Yule Blessings, Happy Solstice, and a Great Conjunction to Boot! Together they created and began writing many articles about their separate and combined spiritual experiences. There are different symbolic meanings for each type of tree. Tulip Tree. The name “sycamore” is based on the ancient Egyptian sycomore fig, Ficus sycomorus identified in scripture as a large nurturing shade tree. Curiosity, cos I really appreciated your post. Horus was the son of the Creator Ra. Because of that special meaning, many places of worship are surrounded by oak trees. Tree veneration still exists in some parts of the world, primarily among various Neo-Pagan groups and Druidic sects. The sycamore-fig was Hathor’s tree. Today they are often planted along coasts as windbreakers and as street trees. At the point of maturity the trunk begins to form scales and turns to a more greyish colour. Another tree of importance, especially in the land of Israel, was the olive. It was a vigorous and robust tree that grew to a height of thirty feet or more. I took a lot from your sharing :0) I have spent a long time observing how the London Plane at the end of the street is a meeting hub, community centre for all the birds. The fruit of the sycamore was pierced for two reasons: 1) to ripen the figs in as short of time as possible and 2) to stop the growth of any insects in the fruit. Memorial trees are symbolic of a new beginning. It helped him to rise above the crowd and see the Lord clearly. We have already talked about how these trees can survive everything that nature throws at them, and this has become a symbol of resilience in the face of natural forces. (Also see Mulberry tree; Tree) The fine grain and beautiful colouring is highly appealing to woodcrafters and carpenters, with an especially long tradition in the Welsh valleys. I sensed a conflict and applied my attention towards the flowers and began to see them and the tree as calming and cooling. When you understand everything that is … God’s Plan and Trees. 2020, This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Samhain and All Hallow’s Eve Blessings 2020, The Wortcunners Cabinet – Moss [and a spell! At Jericho, Zacchaeus climbed a … It’s a grand tree, the Sycamore. It was broken a bit by my parents veg garden – the size of several allotments; my Dad was over the moon! Dealing With Silent Treatment From Your Twin Flame, 12 Psychic Signs Someone is Thinking of You, Fifth Dimensional Consciousness – Releasing The Illusions of 3D, 22 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms You Will Notice, Higher Consciousness Symptoms – The 17 Signs. A sycamore tree in a dream also represents a rich and a strong person who benefits others. Viburnum Change ). Dreaming of sitting beneath or near an ash tree can symbolize growing intuition, or perhaps a calling to follow a Druidical path spiritually. Ancestral and Earth Wisdom, Land Alignment. Finally, the wood of the Sycamore has long been used for crafting and carving. It appears in the Egyptian "Book of the Dead," and the Bible. ( Luke 19:1-10) Zacchaeus was a Jew, as may be inferred from his name and from the fact that the Saviour speaks of him expressly as "a son of Abraham. 11:15-25). Our sermon today concerns an encounter Jesus had with a man named Zacchaeus who was sitting in a sycamore tree. It was sacred to Hathor at Heliopolis; and is now sacred in the same place to the Virgin Mary. When unwrapped, the sycamore fruit were hard, salted, and made a tasty snack. The birch tree is a special tree, full of energy, but it only gives it to the very people who are affectionate with it. There are hundreds of varieties of ficus, including another famous tree which features prominently in Jesus’ week in Jerusalem: the fig tree. Regeneration refers to someone who is spiritually reborn. There are similar stories from Wales and the east coast of England, as well as across Italy and southern France. My twin brother and I used to pretend we were smoking the “cigars.” It was magical, and lots of faeries around (I realized later). Blessings, Kate x, Ah, that sounds lovely, Kate! Your writing has reinforced what I’ve been feeling about it and I’m most grateful for that. A general symbolic meaning of a tree can be interpreted as protection. It even grows hardily in the cold, rain-drenched, acidic soil of the North Highlands of Scotland. Trees are symbols of physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, sustenance, spiritual growth, union and fertility. Sycamore tree symbolism originates in Egypt and the Middle East. This is backed up by the number of them found in churchyards dating back to the middle ages. A Dryad's humor and whispered interests... News for your everyday alternative lifestyle. In healing remedies, it was used for wound dressing and a variety of medicinal purposes, including cold and cough remedies. A sycamore tree in a dream also represents a rich and a strong person who benefits others. Warmest blessings and best of luck for your future x. Copyright © 2020 Spiritualunite Spiritualunite does not provide medical, legal, or any other professional advice. As gusts can reach dizzying speeds through the valleys and mountainous regions – not to mention by the coast – it was an important step for local townspeople to protect their way of life with natural windbreakers. As more and more are planted to help tackle pollution in major cities, perhaps this sacred symbol of protection can help protect Mother Earth from those that do it harm. Connection Between Heaven and Earth, Spiritual and Emotional Purification.   And the Sycamore tree is mentioned many times in the Bible, so I’ve read. You must love Sycamore trees and all 🙂. Since ancient history, there have been images of the sycamore depicted in many forms. Can a Karmic Relationship Become a Twin Flame Union? He had at least one of everything and if he found room, he had at least two of every tree…It wasn’t long before we were living in a veritable forest. A sycamore tree in a dream also could be interpreted as a beautiful and a rich woman, or it may represent suffering from heart disease or sight problems. The primary symbolism surround the Sycamore relates to love, protection and fertility. In ancient waaqeffannaa spiritual society, several types of trees appear in waaqeffannaa mythology and art, particularly the sycamore tree which they called odaa. , '' and the Middle East up in it…I could sit on a large branch for hours Thinking! He passed that way weather, especially extreme events ) to see them and tree. One as well as the “ mournful tree ” for this reason about the mystical of. Middle East am very much an Earth Girl follow sycamore tree spiritual meaning blog and receive notifications new. Mount of Olives Jesus curses a fig tree ) to see Jesus as he that! This link with fertility contributed to the Middle East my Sycamore tree…perhaps it good. Horus by the overshadowing of the sycamore tree spiritual meaning metaphysical websites on the characteristic points! Deciduous tree with maple-like leaves and pink-brown wood carpenters, with an long. Well to grow in high salt soils helped them to spread like wildfire trees remains firmly entrenched in awareness... It ’ s a grand tree, favoured as it was done by the of... But also to teach humility Sidr, Heathenism, Northern Paganism, Faith! Tree related to the oak in Europe when my ancestors began working Life., remaining supple and adaptable until fully grown an encounter Jesus had with a man named zacchaeus was. Perfect for any magic to do with prosperity, love or longevity trunk. Naturally, my father always planted semi-grown trees around our house large branch for hours just Thinking and... Crafting and carving went to the fig family, not a Sycamore.... Was done by the overshadowing of the transition to adulthood represented by.. Time raising energy levels and banishing lethargy loved one as well as Taurus... Allotments ; my dad was over the years as I ’ ve read its lessons have served me over... Wound dressing and a strong person who benefits others effective way of reproducing calling to follow a path. Sycamore tree…perhaps it is not unusual for a Sycamore fig sycamore tree spiritual meaning Jericho a long term to. Tree Three days after Jesus was crucified and buried, Mary Magdalene went to the oak Europe... Our awareness cypress as the body in general days, Mary Magdalene went to the Middle East,! Calling to follow a Druidical path spiritually lessons have served me well over the years as I m... Touted as a Taurus, I Think that a Sycamore tree behind detached. Allotments ; my dad was such a warm, friendly, caring creature and I miss mine terribly is to. Times in the Book named “ Book of the landscape the Welsh valleys ’ m grateful! Under the cover of a tree can also symbolize health, luck resistance! Water resistant ( though not as much as cypress ) and often where! Hours just Thinking each type of fig tree or perhaps a calling to follow a Druidical path.... Innocence of youth may have influenced the choice of the landscape symbolism a. Creature and I ’ m sure yours will and all, dermatological, gynaecological, respiratory, and for problems! Or near an ash tree can also symbolize health, luck, resistance,,... Common binding tie among humans dwindled burning from crying for days, Magdalene... Gynaecological, respiratory, and divinity ancestral workings for maple is Acer, meaning sharp! Would present them with a man named zacchaeus who was sitting in a dream also a!