In university tests, Aloha was shown to have a faster grow-in rate than other varieties tested, and also shows some resistance to the sod webworm and green bug aphid. Occasionally a third spike-like branch sometimes below the paired … Seashore Paspalum Seed - Sea Spray - Seashore paspalum is a warm season grass commonly used for lawns, golf courses, landscaping, parks and recreation areas. Seashore Paspalum Poaceae (Gramineae) Plant Specifics. Aloha is fine textured with deep green color. I only got rid of the old sod and did some rototilling. Estos resultados sugieren que los herbicidas con sulfonylurea pueden ser aplicados con seguridad poco después del espigamiento de 'Tifway' Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. If cut too low, it may recover slowly. Aloha uses up to 50% less water irrigation than fescue’s. For example if you water every third day you will water 30 minutes. Grass Watering. This is quickly becoming the most popular turf variety in San Diego County. Seashore Paspalum turfgrass named 'Aloha' United States Patent Application 20120198592 . Reported to have originated from the Americas, it can be a serious weed of rice in West Africa. We have a wide variety of Nursery Plants including mature Field Stock Malaysian and Samoan Coconut Trees. Recommended Uses: Used as a turf grass or in a wet meadow. I forgot to update that the gentleman that promised the test sod pieces blew me off, he def lost my business! Growth Habit: Rhizomatous and Stoloniferous Vernation: Folded Leaf: Scattered hairs may be present on upper and lower surface Ligule: Short, membranous Auricles: Absent Inflorescence: Panicle with 1 to many spike-like terminal, paired branches. Extremely salt tolerant, it stands up to salt spray, saltwater inundation and waterfront areas. Learn More About PASPALUM SOD. Proper maintenance is required. Do not exceed 4 lbs. Aloha Paspalum Order Now! ft. per growing season. The seashore paspalum breeding program at UGA has released four of the most widely utilized seashore paspalum cultivars: SeaIsle 1, SeaIsle 2000, SeaIsle Supreme and SeaStar seashore pasaplum. Kind Code: P1 . Sea Spray is best for areas no farther north than 30−35° latitude. Paspalum is a warm weather grass with a deep root system. It has been ob-served growing well in Hawaii in sandy, calcareous soils with a pH of 8 and clayey, acidic soils with a pH of 5. – Raise the height of your lawn by 1/2 “inch prior to scalping your lawn in the fall. Form: Grass: Life Span: Long-lived perennial: Flower Color: NA: Fruit Color: NA: Phenology: Evergreen: Noted for: Interesting foliage: Landscaping . Paspalum is in fact one of the most, if not the most, salt tolerant of all turf species. Ukumehame Nursery and Sod Farm carries the best selection of Irrigation products and supplies, here in Hawaii! Sod Harvest Update: Aloha Seashore Paspalum, St. Augustine and our Tifway Bermuda are ready to harvest ! Until 2005 the only way to establish seashore paspalum was by sod, sprigs or stolons. The Perennial Peanut is a sod replacement. With its extreme salt tolerance it is used extensively in coastal areas. He was very informative and even offered to drop a piece of aloha, aloha overseed and TifTuf bermuda to my house to sit on the decision. Overseeding Paspalum – During the cooler months of the year paspalum can be overseeded to maintain winter color. I did not install it. That right there is customer service! It has great salt tolerance, good drought tolerance, dark green color, and will handle a wide range of mowing heights. ‘Aloha’ is resistant to the green bug aphid and more tolerant to sod webworms than other cultivars of seashore paspalum. In coastal habitats, it can spread at 1-2 m per year and become dominant over native vegetation. Seashore Paspalum Grass Seed - Seashore Paspalum is native to tropical and subtropical regions of North and South America. Read more about this grass and how it requires up to 50 percent less water. Aloha Seashore Paspalum is a professional grade, warm season sports turf developed for use on playing fields, golf courses and personal lawns. SaltScape Solutions is an agronomic consulting firm specialized in golf course construction and renovation using Seashore Paspalum. Seashore paspalum is known for its good wear tolerance and high salt tolerance. This luxurious grass delivers a deep green color, longer roughs on golf courses and a slightly wider leaf blade than SeaDwarf. X Cynodon … Ukumehame Nursery and Sod Farm specializes in SeaShore Paspalum, El Toro Zoysia, St. Augiutine, 419 Bermuda, Z-3 Zoysia and … ft. of total nitrogen per growing season. Two cultivars (Aloha and Sea Dwarf) of Seashore paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum Swartz) were studied hydroponically in a greenhouse to evaluate their growth responses in terms of shoot and root lengths, shoot (clippings) fresh and dry-matter (DM) weights as well as the grass visual quality under salinity stress conditions. Can be irrigated with salt water. Sprigs are obtained by shredding harvested sod or with a sprig harvester. to the tropical sod webworm [Herpetogramma phaeopteralis Guenee (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)] and morphological differ-ences between Aloha and a set of standards were determined in Palm Beach County. Latin Name: Paspalum vaginatum Sw. Seashore paspalum Areas of Adaptation. Seashore paspalum has critical and distinct irrigation requirements, unique herbicide tolerances and requirements, a higher salinity tolerance, and varied disease and insect pressures than bermudagrass. I’m 1 week away from lying down the turf of my choice and still plan on going with tiftuf but I’m a little nervous. Seashore paspalum is mostly used on golf courses situated in warm seasoned areas, but is also gaining popularity on sports fields and personal lawns. Top. Paspalum uses 66% less nitrogen than bermudagrass, and should be treated with 2-3 lbs./1000 sq. It can be mowed below 1/10 of an inch. Paspalum Grass Maintenance Tips. Paspalum is a genus of plants in the grass family.. Data were analyzed using PROC GLM in SAS with means separated by LSD at a 0.05 signifi - cance level (SAS Institute, 2001). Seashore Paspalum The Environmental Turfgrass.pdf seashore paspalum: the environmental turfgrass: duncan, r seashore paspalum provides an exciting alternative grass of comparable texture and quality to hybrid bermudagrasses that can tolerate effluent, brackish, and seawater blends. Tanto el trifloxysulfuron como el foramsulfuron fueron dañinos para la Paspalum vaginatum Swartz y redujeron el establecimiento de la plantación. Maui Sod Grasses. The general rule of thumb is 10 minutes of water for everyday your lawn is not watered. Aloha Seashore Paspalum Grass was developed by the University of Florida for use on golf courses from tee-to-green and on sports fields. Sod; Residential; Commercial; Contact Us; MILILANI, oahu: (808) 232-2277; kona, hawaii: (808) 331-8873 (2 Varietals ) Paspalum About Paspalum. SeaDwarf is the only dwarf cultivar of Seashore Paspalum and features a finer texture than other paspalum varieties. *All Paspalum is a special order and is only sold by the pallet. I think it’s cause I didn’t have huge success with my last bermuda lawn and it was to do with shade. I just need to hear some first hand experience with this grass from a home owner Seashore paspalum cultivars are usually established by sprigging or stolonizing. Aloha Seashore Paspalum is a professional grade, warm season sports turf developed for use on playing fields, golf courses and personal lawns. Seashore Paspalum Turf Grass for Salt Water Irrigated Golf Courses SaltScape Solutions Agronomic & Golf Course Consulting. A newly discovered, and asexually propagated genotype of Seashore Paspalum turfgrass with a distinct set of agronomic, horticultural, morphological, and insect resistant … Establishment Seashore paspalum is propagated by sprigs, stolons, plugs, or sod. The variety has been extensively planted for forage and soil stabilization, especially here in Florida. They are warm-season C 4 grasses and are most diverse in subtropical and tropical regions. 'Aloha' Paspalum vaginatum Swartz en ambas locaciones. Description: ‘Aloha’ is a seashore paspalum variety which, when compared with standard varieties, has a faster growth rate and better insect resistance. Seashore paspalum is a warm season grass commonly used for lawns, golf courses, landscaping, parks and recreation areas. It often forms the boundaries of, and is found within, areas designated for conservation. PASPALUM (SEASHORE | SEA ISLE | SEA DWARF | ALOHA) This is a deep-rooted, warm season, perennial grass. Until 2005 the only way to establish seashore paspalum was by sod, sprigs or stolons. The group is widespread across much of Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.Commonly known as paspalum, bahiagrasses, crowngrasses or dallis grasses, many of the species are tall perennial New World grasses. Seeing it in person at West Coast Turf (they had all their sod installed right next to eachother) was the deciding factor on top of the other benefits I had read about Paspalum over the last several months. It is found throughout the other tropical areas of the world, where it is an introduced species and sometimes an invasive weed. After 2005 the first seeded seashore paspalum, Sea Spray, became readily available. Seed is not available. Aloha uses up to 50% less water irrigation than fescue’s. Extremely salt tolerant, it stands up to salt spray, saltwater inundation and waterfront areas. Seashore Paspalum seed is the only high salt tolerant grass … Aloha has been tested for more than 10 years in San Diego. If you have a site calling for a halophytic or salt tolerant native or a ground cover for a harsh environment, Seashore Paspalum should be the grass to consider. Sod, Grass Seed, Flowers, Vegetables & HerbsFlower, Veggie & Herb Seeds & Pony Packs Sod, Grass Seed, Flowers, Vegetables & Herbs Sod Varieties Am Sod Performance Tall Fescue Performance Dwarf Fescue Performance St. Augustine Aloha Seashore Paspalum Tigreen Hybrid Bermuda Marathon Sod Genuine Marathon S Please contact our office for pricing or to place an order. I recently spoke with Eddie from sod haus and he was recommending the aloha paspalum as well for my location. It is best adapted to moist, sandy soils in sub-tropical and temperate climate zones. Sprigging utilizes both the underground rhizomes and aboveground stolons as veg-etative sources of plant material, while stolonizing uses only aboveground vegetative propagules. Paspalum is a kind of perennial grass which is spread by stolons. For established paspalum watering deep and infrequent is best. Aloha is fine textured with deep green color. Seashore; Sea Isle; Sea Dwarf; Aloha; Perennial Peanut. Justia Patents Recreational Turf Or Pasture Grass US Patent Application for Seashore Paspalum turfgrass named 'Aloha' Patent Application (Application #20120198592) Seashore Paspalum turfgrass named 'Aloha' Jul 25, 2005. Seashore Paspalum seed is the only high salt tolerant grass seed available. Our landscaper installed it and it was his first time working with Paspalum. Overseeding – During the cooler months of the year, paspalum can be overseeded to maintain color during the winter. We also sell the Paspalum in a plug trays for your projects. It is native to the Americas, where it grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Aloha Seashore Paspalum is an amazing sod grass for high traffic. It is one of the most adaptable types of grass as it tolerates wet conditions, drought, and varying heights. Field Stock Palms. Paspalum vaginatum, commonly known as seashore paspalum and by many other names, is a species of perennial grass which can be found in wet, saline habitats. When nighttime temperatures are in the low 60’s it is ideal to begin the overseed process. He was excited too. You will want to water every 3-4 days during the growing season and apply an inch of water per week. Paspalum can be maintained between 1/10” for the finer leaf blade varieties and between ½â€ to 2 inches for the more course varieties. Considerations: Said to be hard to cut and requires frequent cutting. Paspalum vaginatum is a species of grass known by many names, including seashore paspalum, biscuit grass, saltwater couch, silt grass, and swamp couch. Seashore paspalum does well in a wide range of soil types, including heavy and poorly drained soils. Paspalum does very well with slow release fertilizers. Off-Season Paspalum Maintenance Techniques. of nitrogen/1000 sq.