Virtual piano chords and scales, alternate chord positions, voicings and modes. For example, C major – C E G. To make it diminished you lower the 3rd and 5th notes of the scale. Here's an example of how you might the scale to improvise with it over this jazz chord. Let’s now talk about the dominant diminished scale, which is also known as the diminished half-whole scale since it alternates between half steps and whole steps. Diminished chords are made this way: start with a major chord. Home » Piano Theory » The Diminished Scale. Let’s try F# Major to create a dominant 7th chord. This is the next altered note we can add to our scale, this also creates a nice jazz rub since we have a G in the scale. Dominant Diminished Scale. Same applies for a secondary dominant with a b9. Now let’s take this concept to another Major chord to find a dominant 7th chord on the piano. We have the b9 (Db), #9 (Eb), and #11 (F#) in there. 2. Diminished scale … A D Major triad consists of D F# & A. The half diminished scale is taken from the Octatonic jazz scale as well. As before, I’ll guide you through a way to build this scale where you understand it and … C Diminished Dominant Scale. G Dominant Diminished Scale on piano for jazz improv on dominant 7 chords Notice now that instead of using an A (the 9), we are using an Ab, the b9. Barry Harris's Sixth Diminished Scale. Diminished scales are symmetrical and repeat in minor 3rds meaning that 1 diminished scale is actually 4 diminished scales. Diminished Scale – It is made only by a sequence of half step (semitone) and whole step (tone).I suggest to use it just on the dominant 7th and diminished 7th chord in a jazz context.Diminished scale is used above all in Jazz music. How To Make A Diminished Chords. You now have the D dominant 7th Chord. Find complex Jazz chords or simple triads easily This scale is called the Diminished Dominant Scale because the 3rd, 5th, and 7th are all lowered by a half step (flat 3rd and flat 5th make it diminished, and flat 7 makes it dominant). Over a dominant 7 th (b9) chord, starting the diminished scale a half-step above the root (also sometimes called the “auxiliary diminished” scale or the “b9” scale, this is similar but not identical to the altered scale – note that the diminished dominant scale has a natural 13, not a b13, and it has the perfect 5th above the root – which is not the case with the altered scale): The video is a bit piano-focussed so I thought it might help some guitar players to have a summary from our point of view of the main idea. In our example’s case, that would be the C major scale. Whoa! There are only 12 keys which means that there are only 3 diminished scales. The dominant 7th is located a whole step down from D which is C. Move it up an octave as you did before. • Each tone has two different Diminished scale: 1. Lots of really cool notes in this scale! Lowering a note means to make it lower by a semi-tone or half-step. Each of these scales can be used for material over the 4 dominant 7th chords, and the 4 diminished chords in which it is related.