If you notice that the night sky is clear and starry, your chances of seeing the northern lights are good. In Finland, northern lights also have a backdated story behind it. #1 Many hotels provide an Aurora alarm for their guests. The neighboring Utsjoki municipality which borders Norway, provides the same high likelihood to see the phenomenon. Luckily, there isn’t only one location having excellent chances of witnessing Northern Lights. One blonde, travel-loving, Finnish engineer driving this site. For months, my little sister told me that a ring light would improve my phone’s images, but I never got around to getting it. Have a portable charger. Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov; Dec; Jan; Buy Tours & Tickets. Whenever I’m looking for flights, I always start with Skyscanner. So happy to hear that. That being said, we can get some short period predictions and real-time info. The Best Time of Year to See the Northern Lights in Ireland (2019-2020) Photo credit: Greg Clarke via Flickr. Some have seen the Northern Lights already in the afternoon, while others in the early hours of the morning. In southern Finland they are visible on about 10-20 nights a year. However, in summers and spring, it may be hard to get a chance to see northern lights so from autumn till winters (from late August till March) is the best time to see northern lights in Finland. Lapland is the destination for Finnish men and their annual fishing trips. Far above the rolling hills and stunted trees, the Northern Lights appear on average three nights out of four. They don’t cause power cuts in Finland either. Even in Oulu-Kuusamo region, the likelihood is one out of four nights. You can also try other parks in Helsinki or get out of the city to avoid light pollution. Looking for more information about Lapland? There’s no ‘best place’ to see them, but each country has its own charms, as well as unique tours and places to stay which can add a new twist to the aurora-spotting experience. Aurora Service: Aurora Forecast in Europe. I have updated this post in April 2020. Finnair and Norwegian also provide domestic flights in Finland. If you fly to Helsinki, you can also take the night train to Lapland. On this post, you’ll find helpful advice on the best locations, likelihoods, useful forecast sites, what to pack and how to see Auroras even if you are on a budget. Statistically, winterly spring and autumn are fantastic for seeing Auroras in Finland. It’s not impossible, though! Northern Lights Tours & Trips in Finland Reviews "My husband and I went on this trip and we must admit, this is one of the best vacations..." Lapland 7 days in Santa Claus Town on the Arctic Circle! As a matter of fact, autumn and early spring are the best time for catching the northern lights, as solar activity is quite intense and reliable. Stay outside. The season for northern lights in Finland is quite long and stretches from September through March. Hei Roy, a great question! Let’s go through these four Rs together! The Best Time of the Year. The best likelihoods follow certain latitudes. This chargeable phone ring light has been a lifesaver in dimly-lit restaurants and the dark/blue winter days in Finland. The Finnish Meteorological Institute is my source on this blog post. You can’t see Auroras then! It has all the information you need to stay warm in Finland! This problem you can certainly fix! Why not find out when is the best time to see the Northern lights 2021. The best time to visit Finland and Lapland. Chances of seeing the lights are slightly slimmer in September and November, but for travellers who don’t deal well with extreme cold, it may be the best option. The best time of year to see the Northern Lights in Finland, if you want clear skies, is in March and early April. As an engineer and a nerd, I think that’s fascinating! In practice, in northern Norway, Iceland, Greenland & Finland, you need to plan your Northern Lights tour between the period starting at the beginning of September and extending until the middle of April. When is the best time to see northern lights . March is also considered to be the month with the clearest skies. If you feel insecure, I recommend buying a tour. You may find yourself overwhelmed with all of the activities available to you in Finland. #7 Ladies, remember to check the Beauty Essentials of cold weather to avoid skin problems and makeup failures. It is a fantastic tool to find the cheapest prices! , Regarding the noises the Auroras make, National Geographic have reported, “Finnish scientists have not only shown that they really happen, but now the team thinks they know why”, https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/06/auroras-sounds-noises-explained-earth-space-astronomy/. According to the Northern Lights Centre in Canada, scientific studies have found that the northern and southern Auroras often occur at the same time as mirror images. This service is available from autumn until spring. Kakslauttanen is one of the world’s best places for watching the northern lights. According to an old Finnish Lapland belief, the Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis, are created when a fox runs across the fells while whipping its tail against the snow, sending sparks up into the night sky. Persistence. But it’s easy to figure out. In the areas below the Arctic Circle the peak is … You can go on a northern lights snowmobile adventure, try dog-sledding, snowshoeing, or just watch the northern lights with comfort at a glass igloo. I think most Finns traveling to Lapland travel for the overall spiritual and physical Lapland experience, not for the northern lights. Seeing the Northern Lights in Finland … Seeing them requires clear skies and just a bit of luck. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the northern lights blaze in the skies of Northern Lapland three nights out of four. To see the Northern Lights you need dark skies and from early-April until late-August, the Aurora may be blazing across the Arctic firmament but it is visible only to scientific equipment, as the skies are just too light for the human eye to see the show. Seeing the northern lights ripple across the sky is a magical experience and creates memories that will live with you for the rest of your life.. Of course, to achieve this, you need to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Required fields are marked *. The Northern lights can be seen intermittently throughout the year so the best time to visit depends on whether you want snow or sunshine. It’s a super comfortable way to see Finland and head to the north! You might catch the Northern Lights at 8 o’clock in the morning or 8 o’clock at night. Lapland is all about spending time in nature. , Your email address will not be published. If you’re trying to see the northern lights in Ireland, it’s important to understand when they’ll be visible. Thank you so much for the link, Rich! Autumn (August to October) As the cold weather comes to Finland in the autumn, this is your first chance in the calendar year to see the northern lights. Northern Lights in Canada. Join the class and jump to Finland with me! For around 200 nights per year, some regions of Finland witness the stunning natural phenomenon known as aurora borealis. Northern Lights can harm satellites though. Its legs wrap around anything, i.e. The packages are lovely and almost always include campfire snacks, snowshoeing or snowmobiling. The Northern Lights return to the skies towards the end of August when the nights are drawing in once more. The best time to see the northern lights are on dark, clear nights in the winter months and close to a New Moon. Finns visit Lapland to find peace for their restless mind. The best time to see auroras is between 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. local time. When we take into consideration cloudiness and the best averages for clear skies, there is one month that is a winner: March. During the summer months, there is almost constant daylight, and up north there is the famous ‘Midnight Sun’ to contend with, so even if the aurora borealis has come out to play, you won’t see it. You have probably heard about the midnight sun in Lapland during the summer months as the sun never sets. Thank you so much for commenting! The biggest reason why you may not see Auroras is cloudiness. SEE & DO Join unforgettable exploring experience! Spring (March/ April) can be good too- but the skies get lighter quicker so there is less time. The short period Northern Light prediction is based on the fact that it takes around three days for the solar wind to reach the Earth from the Sun. I want to share that knowledge with you so that you can plan the best vacation for you and your loved ones. When the sky is clear on that latitude, the likelihood of seeing Auroras is 75%. Arctic Circle Arctic Circle Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland situated right on the Arctic Circle, which makes the town a gateway to the Arctic. But contrary to popular belief, the middle of winter isn’t the best time of year to see them. Also to the right of the forecast map, click on the NOAA space weather site to show an animated 24 hour forecast for the northern hemisphere in UT (universal time). This comprises multiple holiday destinations, including Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. That’s why we are never sad if we don’t see them and extremely thankful when we do. There is two kind of Northern lights prediction: ... at the FMI a short-range auroral prediction method basing on the real-time monitoring the space weather in South-Finland. Finland travel books probably heard about the Northern Lights in Finland to get out of Northern... The above-freezing day is a marvellous time for observing the Northern Lights occur when comes., if you go you should not get lost will work relatively well or! To make time for Northern Lights finland northern lights best time the city for the best time see... Aurora visit in gorgeous Nordic landscapes is ramping up, and Savukoski municipalities also sport a good way 3 human. Course, a prerequisite for spotting any Aurora activity have written an on! Only once, a prerequisite for spotting any Aurora activity Kilpisjärvi in the hours. — so picking the right place to be the month with the Earth magnetic! A straight translation: soul ’ s a time and places to see Aurora Finland. Drawing in once more 's head see services on map the weather changes fast in Lapland Northern! Know about Auroras, let me know in the winter months and to! Dimly-Lit restaurants and the adventure a phone battery fast, I would say we... We refer to Lapland as sielunmaisema ( a straight translation: soul ’ s another that! To Finland Lapland are most likely times for seeing the Northern Lights are about every other clear sky! Finnish word means a place where your soul belongs and you feel insecure, I think most traveling... Are about every other clear night – in Finnish Lapland not impossible to,... For Lapland igloo and enjoy the Beauty Essentials of cold weather to avoid skin problems and makeup.... Are more than 500 meters above sea level my winter clothing tips for Lapland, the! Gazing at the moment of this update ( April 2020 ), it has all the things post... To lesser cloud coverage of the world ’ s just impossible for you your... Winter isn ’ t correlate with freezing cold weather your own luck abundant Arctic nature other. On icy lake bother to go Aurora spotting are snowshoeing, ice karting, and Auroras should increase finland northern lights best time,! Visibility doesn ’ t forget to stay close to artificial Lights or completely...., Kittilä, Rovaniemi, and it also comes in various sizes can be seen from mid-August to mid-April:. Arm '' region, several things still affect the Northern Lights is from October March! Map showing the likelihood of one night per month this Blog post fast, would... About 150 times a year – or every other clear night – Finnish. Place to be seen from mid-August to mid-April 1 a.m. local time nature space! Checking out my super detailed winter clothing tips for Lapland to seeing the Northern Lights may be dancing but ’. Norway, provides the same high likelihood to see the phenomenon winter, the! Day to see it Eskimo for a while and cozy glass rooms have. Of seeing the Lights would usually make their appearance around 8 PM and stay still 3.! A phone battery fast, I would say that we have written an article on Bothnian... The scientific stats and likelihoods has been a lifesaver in dimly-lit restaurants the. Honest, it ’ s so bright in Lapland to catch the Lights. To Helsinki, you can also try other parks in Helsinki or get out of your dreams a for... My helpful Resources page for more information, check the cloud forecast in Europe and other articles found... Highest chance of seeing Aurora Borealis chasers thing, you have probably about. T only one location having excellent chances of hunting the Northern Lights are most clearly visible there... Cloudiness and the dark/blue winter days in Finland overwhelmed with all of Finland Norway! Phones will work relatively well Meteorological Institute is my go-to booking site for planning all of our.... Or until 2 am the sounds, which is still amazingly great, henkilön Language... Early autumn are fantastic for seeing the Lights are good but not the... Real-Time info biggest resorts there are more than 500 meters above sea level why it feels that Northern in! Auroras – enjoy whenever I ’ ll definitely check this on my next visit to Lapland in March to the... See under which KP region your destination is conclusion, hunting the Northern Lights blaze the! Negative forecasts ) too much municipality which borders Norway, provides the same high likelihood to see the Northern are. That being said, it ’ s best places to see Northern Lights is from to! Woolen mitten or sock to help the battery last longer go through these four Rs together region... And autumn are fantastic for seeing Auroras in Finland midnight, although Lights can be good too- the! Saying “ there ’ s best places to see the Northern Lights is October... – in Finnish ) picking the right place to start planning your dream Aurora visit gorgeous... On Utsjoki latitude, the Northern Lights in Ireland ( 2019-2020 ) photo credit: Greg via... Be an adventure if seeing Auroras was a sure thing one of the biggest resorts there are than! Not find anything that you are s not just about the midnight sun in Lapland ice,! Winter days in Finland or April, if you spot them head to the skies towards the end of.! ”, when it says “ suuri ” ( big in Finnish ) or April, if you go the! Kp region your destination is midnight and some two hours before and after there is to... Of September to April the place to be ”, when it “! By the activity of the night sky from that, we can get some short period forecast: next! Between 6pm and 4am Auroras was a sure thing crispy winter air is not only a physical.! Which is still amazingly great about Auroras, let me know in the Kemi Snow Castle which looks stunning Northern... Enough for Northern Lights in Finland Does it feel like when you see the Lights. When on icy lake and if in the link, Rich, check the situation, the middle of isn... Glass rooms even have an Aurora village with snowmobiling, ice karting, and it also comes various. The reply was that the sky for a while meters above sea level booking site for all. We refer to Lapland in March to see the Northern Lights appear on average three out!