A young child playing with stove burners started the blaze. Outdoor play, is particularly important because it lets children use all their senses to build skills like spatial awareness and balance. Play is an important element of a child’s life. The children's level of independence and attitudes to active free-play were considered to be important individual level influences on active free-play. The dynamic aspects of computers often engage children in mathematical play more so than do physical manipulatives or paper materials. The study findings have important implications for future urban planning and children's opportunities for active free-play. While children do need time to play alone and with other children without adult intervention, research shows that playtime with parents is also important. For example, two preschoolers were playing with activities called "Party Time" from the Building Blocks project in which they could put out any number of items, with the computer counting and labeling for them. Children crave time with parents. Children who do not have access to outdoor play will miss out on the many benefits that free play in the natural environment has to offer toward their growth. in life. Children with disabilities have a special need to experience space, direction, and location. When children are engaged in free play in the outdoors, they are provided opportunities for freedom, choice, and fewer routines. The Importance of Free Play in the Outdoors. It can also improve a child's attention span. It makes them feel special. That’s the case for most people, anyway. Children’s play can be divided into categories, but the types of play often overlap. Cooperative play is the last of the six stages of play described by sociologist Mildred Parten. Even when using a wheelchair, children can play simple dancing games that help them orient themselves in space. Parents are encouraged to find time to spend playing with their kids on a regular basis. Play keeps kids physically active, all the more important at a time when some 20% of American children are obese—more than triple the percentage from the more play-friendly 1970s. There’s a famous phrase in Italy that goes “Venezia è bella, ma non so se ci vivrei”, meaning: Venice is gorgeous, but I don’t think that I could live there. Why Children Play With Fire, and How to Stop Them The Bronx apartment building where a deadly fire on Thursday left 12 dead. The more opportunities children have to run and move about, the greater their ability to keep track of position and location. children who have a hard time playing, such as children with physical disabilities. Cooperative play involves children playing and … P.L.A.Y. Dramatic — Fantasy-directed play with dressing up in costumes, assuming roles as characters, using toys to represent characters in stories, creating imaginary settings, and pretending to … : An acronym to remind you why letting children play is a responsible and critical way to support children's development through the COVID-19 pandemic. The vignette presented at the beginning of this chapter is an exam - ple of play, and most observers would describe it as cooperative play, when a group of children play and interact socially together.