Charles St. NYC Kitchen is a New York inspired great bistro in the heart of Miami Beach, located on Collins right in front of the Setai.
Named after the proprietors' favourite street in New York City's West Village, the cuisine is a mix of culinary genres inspired by the Mediterranean, subtle influences from brasseries and...
 Coming late into Heathrow airport on Friday night and heading to the countryside for a wedding the following day meant I had to look for a restaurant close by, after a bit of searching my attention went to the Maidenhead area, a location populated by many Michelin starred and not pubs and restaurants, about 20 min from Heathrow airport. I...
This morning I went to the fish market and looking at all the fresh offer I decided to buy calamari and cook one recipe that I love and that's very easy, quick and tasty for dinner tonight: spicy calamariIngredients:
600gr of calamari, cleand and cut in into rings
Extra-Virgin Olive oil
1 clove of garlic...
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